Torment Tribute

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Here you can get some information about the bands. Ive also chosen bands, that no longer exist or have no website of their own. I wanna give a short overview about the lineups, lineup changes, when the band was formed , discography etc. Ive selected  my favourite combos and/or bands, which have a huge impact on the Psychobilly circuit.  It's very difficult to get all important information and data. For more details, visit the official websites, if available. Please excuse us, if there are any incomplete biogs. If you've  got better  info, contact me via email for updates. Thanx!

-A very special thanks for editing and proofreading many of the band stories to my English teacher MJR

-Thanx to Lord Herbert Sarongster III for the authorized version of the Rochee & The Sarnos biog!

-Thanx to Howard Raucous for the help with the Go-Katz biography!

-Thanx to Tex Schmidt for the Roughnecks stuff!

-You are missing some bands? Wait for updates!

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