The Highliners

The Highliners are a British band, that gained fame in the second half of the 1980's. Originally formed  by Luke Morgan (v/g ), Chris Finch (sax) and Kev 'Stretch' Feeney (b) in 1984. Tim Potter was drafted in for drum duties and  they spend a few months in France to tour the Riviera and have some fun. After a few gigs at the Klub Foot, one of them eventually was recorded and released on 'Stompin At The Klub Foot vol.5' the band was signed by ABC Records and E.P. 'Double Shot Of My Baby's Love' and single' Henry The Wasp' on 7" and 12" vinyl were released in 1988. The latter became a major success and peaked at #2 in the UK  Indie charts and even reached the BBC Top 100. The following year the band introduced their Bound For Glory LP and Benny Hill Boogie was released on single format.

The band  imploded for whatever reasons in the early 1990's before reforming in the final years of the last millennium to release one more album and The Fetish Party EP  10" on NV Records.

The Highliners made themselves a name on the Psychobilly scene with their very unique approach and live shows. Rock'n' Roll mixed with pink shorts, pure fun and party atmosphere plus those special  lyrics about dentists and wasps has built a strong fan base over the years. The outfit is expanded back to five-piece format these days with original members Stretch and Luke backed by Dave Deville on lead guitar, Brandon on sax and Ginger back on drums. Other band members over the years worth to mention here are Doyley, Russ 'Surfer' Ward, Rick Buckler (ex-Jam) to name but a few.


Singles: Double Shot Of My Baby´s love(1988)--Henry The Wasp! (1988)--The Benny Hill Boogie(1989)--The Fetish Party(1997)

Albums: Bound For Glory(1989)--Spank-o-Matic(2000)