Torment Tribute

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  • Do you have discovered some miscues (oops!!!)?  Send me the correct words/lyrics via email for correction. Thanx!


  • Cheers  & Beers to Las Vegas and " freelancer " Arin Cyr for the lyrics of Hell Train and Night Shift Blues plus all the other Krewmen klassics, RADIUM CATS, PHARAOHS, RAPIDS, ROCHEE & THE SARNOS, SHARKS, SUNNY DOMESTOZS, WIGSVILLE SPLIFFS and some TORMENT stuff.
  • Special thanx to Paul Roman for the lyrics of... --Pack Our Bags & Go--Clone-USA--What Will They Say-- Nine Lives--Puttin´ Out The Flame--You´re The Scene and  many more!!!
  • Thanx to Lord Herbert Sarongster for the lyrics of...-Sarno Fever
  • Thanks to Jean-Francois Besson for BANG BANG BAZOOKA lyrics
  • Thanx To Phil for the lyrics of... --Bus Stop and some METEORS stuff!!!
  • Very special thanx to the "Sam Phillips of Psychobilly": Roy Williams for the lyrics of...-- Uncle Sam
  • Special thanx to Scotty for the KING VOODOO lyrics !
  • Special thanx  to Jo (Alcoholic Rat ) for the Zululand lyrics
  • Another thanx  to Rich for the SHAKEOUT lyrics
  • Thanx & cheers to Perry Bartlett for Rochee Is A Monster
  •  Merci beaucoup to Howard Raucous for  the GO-KATZ stuff!
  • Best regards and mucho gracias to Mark Kelf for the FIREBALL XL 5 lyrics!
  • Thanx To Mark Denman and The Long Tall Texans Forum for the LONG TALL TEXANS lyrics 
  • Thanks for the mail & the lyrics of Innocent Look to Kelly
  • Besten Dank an Bernd für die TALL BOYS lyrics und mehr
  • Cheers to John for POPEYE's DIK! lyrics.
  • Special thanx to Phil for the LUCKY DEVILS lyrics !
  • Cheers & Biers to Tony for Werewolf Bitch
  • Another very special thanks to Pete Davis and the official Skitzo Homepage on MySpace for Skitzo Mania and The Game.
  • Big Cheers to Mark " MadDog " Cole for the lyrics of MadDog´s Back and Ultra Violence!
  • Yes another one: Special thanks to Gary Griswald  for Spasms, Stomp- Jump About, Robbie Robot, Who´s Crying Now? and more.
  • Thanks to Tut for the The Glove lyrics !
  • Vielen Dank an Beaker Pox für die P.O.X. lyrics !
  • Cheers & Biers to Tony Duran  for more Meteors stuff
  • The lyrics of Take A Razor To Your Head (SHARKS), I´m A Loser (RICOCHETS), Into The Darkness / Walter Mitty Blues / Radioactive Kid / The Crazed (THE METEORS), El Toreador /Let Loose (KREWMEN), Let´s Go Somewhere / Ally Cat King (FRANTIC FLINTSTONES) and Psycho Tendencies (GRISWALDS) are taken from Happy Boots web-zine, where they were originally issued
  • Missing something? Wait for updates!



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