thanx to Philou Lucky !

Black With Flames

Each time i'm cruisin' in my fairlane
There's some rockabilly cats wanting to win for their fame
Well it just happens at every light
They say "I'll race you!", i say "Alright...",
Then I've gotta fight.

One of them shot of, the lights were green,
And he accelerated so much his wheels were screeching
And when at last his tires exploded,
It's been very easy to overtake him
Yeah, I've gotta fight.


My fairlane is black with flame,
And all those rockabilly cats don't know who i am
They don't believe in my machine,
Maybe i should tell'em i've got a jet engine...

One day in my mirror i saw a guy,
Well I guess he wanted to chase me, at least he tried
I had to show him it was no joke:
He was rooted to the spot in a cloud of smoke
Yeah, I've gotta fight

I'll Keep On Rockin' When I'm Dead

Well i'm a salty son of rock'n'roll
An' i like to see people jump'n'stroll
The smell of beer mixes with that of sweat
An' chicks are suckin'on cigarettes

R-I'll keep on rockin' when i'm dead (X4)

I like to play my music in the night
An'see their eyes shine in the neon light
Their body swings around like a bell
It's raising the heat of this hell


The concert at last is over
We go back to our cars, don't turn over
We can see the cats crawling on the way
And the headlights on the highway


I love all the things that make it feel great
With all its joy, its pains and its fate
I won't leave this life for another one
I'll keep on rockin' when I'm gone


Runaway Train

If one day you feel sad and blue
And there's nobody around you
Then just take the Runaway train

If you don't really wanna stay,
If you just wanna go away
Then just take the Runaway train


The Runaway train to nowhere
And its passengers who don't care
Are rollin' to the settin' sun
Yes, everybody's on the run

And if love never comes your way
'f you wanna find it anyway
Then just take the Runaway train

And if one day you fight the law
If the solution is to go
Then just take the Runaway train

If you're in a fine bloody mess
If life is really pitiless
Then just take the Runaway train


And if one day you're in the cart
If you wanna make a new start
Then just take the Runaway train


Slapinī Man

Well everybody knows you slapin'man
Every girl wants you slapin'man
They all know you're a mighty man
When you start-a-slappin'as fast as you can
Slapin'man, you're a mighty man

When your fingers move along the strings
People just forget everything
When you start-a-slapin' on your strings
Everybody knows you're the king
Slapin'man, you're a real gone guy



Well listen everybody to the story of this boy
Who really made me think of an evil animal
He's tall and as slim as a cat, and hairy as a bear
And he wears big black sideboards with really greasy hair


He goes out at night
Just looking for a fight
He's a tigerman

A big ring in his big nose just like a raging bull
And when he sniffs his cocaine, then he starts being cruel
His pretty little girlfriend, he fiercely watches her
And with his throaty big voice, he always shouts at her


Yeah he is really scary when he is passin' by
For sure he's a rebel, you'll never hear him sigh
Yeah but he surely's got a heart, like all these rockin' guys
But you'll never know it : rockers never cries



To Hell

You're wearing those blue jeans with chains on the side,
You're tattooed and pierced, your hear-ring is your pride
You've got that strange haircut since you was a child
You really look evil, you really look wild
You'll go to hell
You don't look at all like good people and that's why you'll go to hell

Yeah you're cheatin' up girls morning noon and night
So you've got a girl in every part of town
You don't love them you're just-a-screwin'around
You don't wanna get married, don't wanna have no child
You'll go to hell
You have never heard about steady girls and that's why you'll go to hell

You're drinking and-a-smocking and-a-fightin' all the time
You don't care 'bout TV, you're always with your pals
You spend all your money' cause you're playin' around
You're goin' too fast when you drive or when you ride
You'll go to hell
You don't live your life like other guys and that's why you'll go to hell

Too Late For Me

Well she's-a-comin', a-comin', a-comin'on,
In her black gown she's-a- grining along
She tries and tries to lay her hands on me,
She wants me so much, she knows she will get me,
And it's late, too late for me...

Well i'm-a-rollin', a-rollin', a-rollin'on,
Rollin' in the night as the time rolls on.
In her hot-rod she's-a-chasin'me,
Second after second she's-a-closer to me,
So it's late, too late for me...

Well i'm-a-rollin', a-rollin', a-rollin'on,
She overtakes me, i see her skull and her bones
I've lost the race, i can't take her on,
You can't beat death when the time has come,
So it's late, too late for me...


Websites Girls

Oh Baby don't you hold it against me
When I get up at night to turn on my PC
Oh Baby, Baby, Babe they put a spell on me
They took the control of my body
And it hardens when they tease me
Websites girls, websites girls

Oh, girls, girls, girls, you're on my screen
And you're really, really, really, really sexy in your tight jeans
Oh girls, girls, girls, latinas or teens
Oh yeah you really drive me crazy
You're driving me mad with your body
Websites girls, websites girls


I'm mad! I'm mad!
My eyes get out of my head
I want you in my bed, I wanna be your man
Hey! I'm mad!
Websites girls

Oh Baby, I don't touch you any more
You seem so tasteless compared to these wicked whores
Oh, Baby, Baby, you wouldn't like hardcore
These girls alone could satisfy me
My dreams would become reality
Website girls, websites girls

Oh girls, girls, girls leaning on high heels
Oh when I see your little bums my tool is made on steel
Oh, girls, girls, girls, do you know how I feel
I know that I will never get you
My every day life makes me feel blue
Websites girls, websites girls