Come Dancing

She takes your hand & you´re feeling grand
And she says "come go with me"
Well you know you would cause your feeling good
And you´re in the family

When you feel alright on a friday night
You´re as happy as can be
And vorn is there with his long blonde hair
And so is old rolfy, go

If you´ll oblige there´s naughty nig
Tom and old ritchie
Abbey´s come to have some fun
And gumbie´s here with lee

So it´s hi ho off we go
A fiddly diddly dee
Take your partners by the hand
And slap them on the knee,go

Choose your partner don´t say no
Into the middle with a dozy dow
Not too fast and not too slow
Auld lee gallops and away we go

A dollar is a dollar a dime is a dime
You can dance all night cause you´re feeling fine
Form two lines now in a row
And in the middle with a dozy dow

Henry The Wasp

You know the song we're gonna sing
We sang it before it's the same old thing
A three chord trick in the key of g
With shouting and screaming in harmony

Henry's got a jaguar
And he'll bit your bum wherever you are
And henry's got a great big prick
And he'll sting your aunt and your uncle dick

I've been stung by Henry The Wasp
I've been stung by Henry The Wasp

Now henry's got a great zoot suit
Henry's hip and ready to boot
Now if you're a well hard meaty boy
Stomp on henry and jump for joy


Inspector Clouseau

I saw you looking back at me
I didn't have time to say
That you shouldn't leave
And go a ten thousand miles away

Call Inspector Clouseau--there's been a robbery
Call Inspector Clouseau--i'm in bad company

It's really raining hard tonight
It's raining misery
I can't count the time i've had
Thoughts of you and me


Well if we're back together
Some time some place someday
I'll know i must be dreaming
Your ten thousand miles away


Although my heart's been stolen
There's a man to solve the crime
Long distance information
Get me clouseau on the line