With a very special thanx to RICH SCOULDING


I'm feeling fine today
Yes i finally got my way
Cause i, i got the girl.

I'm the cat that got the cream
Well i realized my dream
Yes i, i got the girl.

And when she looks my way
I aint got the words to say
Exactly how i feel.
And when she looks my way
Can't tell the time of day
But i know this feelings real



Packed my bags, my ticket's paid
Aint hanging round, i'm on my way
I'm getting out while i'm ahead
Much more of this, and bang! i'm dead

Well it's time to break the bonds
Set myself free
A whole world of excitement
Is waiting there for me

Working for the rat-race
It's far too late
With my brand new life
I've got a date

I've tried so hard, to live your way
But there's more to life than eight hour days
A whole new world is worth a look
Life's a big adventure, an open book.

Wild wind in my hair, cold frost on my face
I can't stop for anything now i've got the taste
Running naked in the rain
Watch the sun set and rise again



You ainīt going to pin me down
And make me tow the line
Cause I got tough i had enough
Well i ainīt been satisfied

Iīm rewriting all the lines
And changing all the rules
Too many times iīve backed away
Now i ainīt nobodyīs fool

Well things are getting hot-And youīre gonna burn
And iīm laughing cause itīs time that you had a turn
Itīs now your pyre-Now play with me youīre warned
You play with fire

Iīm sick and tired of living life
In someone elseīs shoes
Well youīll read about me
When you buy the morning news

Itīs time to live my life again
This time i wonīt go wrong
Time to cut the crap get rid
Of all that donīt belong

My fuse is getting shorter
Any time i could explode
Iīve got a head full of new ideas
On course for overload


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