When you're lookin at me
Tell me what do you see
Am I real good man
Can you give me your hand

You're so sweet little girl
You're alone in this world
Can I conquer your heart
Tell me what I should start

chorus :
All these years I've been searching for a woman
I've been searching for a woman like you
Now I fall on my knees, now I beg darling please
I'm a loser but I'm loving you

When I'm looking at you
I can tell you the truth
You're so handsome and nice
I'm not your device

Please don't mind that I'm drunk
I'm gentle and young
I'm seating beside
And I want you tonight


My Train Had Gone

Hello guts, well my story should start
Left the place that so much broke my heart
Loved a girl but she didn't love me
Packed my luggage and so I was free

But when I looked at the clocks
I realized that my train had gone
So I had to spend the night
Though I really didn't like that town

So I tried to sleep on the bench
Being one local jerk in the range
In the midnight someone stole my bag
Chased that boy and the stone hit my leg


In the morning I went to saloon
I got drunk in that place very soon
Smashed one's face and knocked out the door
Left a blur of vomit on the floor


Well so long guts my story should end
Wish that it will never happen again
Everytime I tried to get on my train
It went earlier or I was late


My train had gone...


Our Favourite Psycho

When I meet my friends
We just like to be together
Carefree cheerful time
Everything we want
Let's play music loud our favourite PSYCHO
Let's run into the shop for some alcohol drinks

Ah ah ah give me my bottle
Uh uh uh return me my glass
If you want to fly somewhere
Just take what you want man
And if you want to get on there
Don't vomit on your dress

When we fill the glasses
We are turned to awful devils
Wild unhuman dancing
With our sexy ladies
Let's play music loud our favourite PSYCHO
Let's run into the shop for more alcohol drinks


Let's turn off this shitty worthless reggae
Let's run into the shop for more alcohol drinks


You got a big house, swimming-pool
you're smart and false, dumb and cool
Sluts and drugs, songs and roles
But all you really got is empty head and empty soul

Hey baby baby- Who do you think you are
You got your position- By spitting in the jar
So what's your mission - Just buying that big car?
Well could you imagine?- You're f***ing superstar

You got crowds of fans - chasing you
You got TV shows - half is true
Everyone wants to be a friend of yours
But no-one really knows that not much "friends" are worse