The Psychobilly Orchestra X, widely known shortened as P.O.X., was formed by Beaker Pox (g,v) and Slin Pox (d) in 1982. The lineup of the Hanover-based outfit was eventually completed with the addition of song-writer and guitarist Carl Pox a couple of months later and so the first German Psychobilly band began to leave their own mark on the annals of demented RocknRoll. The threesome sent a demo tape and a band story written on toilet paper to Wahnsinn Records in Hamburg and were signed for a record deal in 1984. The five-track 12 vinyl Its So Dark was released and introduced at the very first German Psychobilly Festival, that took place in Hamburg in January 1985. Two more songs were recorded and released for the first Psycho Attack Over Europe! compilation album later that year. More gigs followed, including an appearance at the 2nd International Festival Of Psychobillies in Rotterdam and the band also released their follow-up 12 Voodoo Power! on KiX4U Records in 1986. Despite the fact the band officially called it quits later that year, the P.O.X. appeared at a couple of selected live events over the next five years with a lineup consisting of Carl and Beaker, joined by Jake Pox on drums.

Twenty-two years after the bands official split, Beaker and Carl Pox decided to reform the Psychobilly Orchestra X and had a successful comeback at the Psychomania Rumble 2008. More gigs followed, it seems that the band is in pretty good shape and a new album is also in the pipe for release in winter 2009. The two main men are joined by Mad Pox on rhythm guitar, Hellco Pox on upright and electric bass and Borg Pox on drums these days.

While many of the earliest Psychobilly acts were coming from a straight slap bass-driven, Neorockabilly edge, these German Psychobilly pioneers have been creating a wider-ranging, unique sound with influences including Post-Punk, Gothic Rock and New Wave and the refusal of the necessity not only of a slap bass but also denying a bass at all on some of their recordings.


Singles: n/a

Albums: ...It's So Dark (1985) -- Voodoo Power! (1986)