Do The Ghost (1984)

Very similar to the output from The Sting-Rays and The Vibes, THE X-MEN were creating a very special blend of Beat, Garage Punk, Rockabilly and psychotic Rock'n'Roll elements that’s hard to pigeonhole. Their debut two-track 7” vinyl on Creation Records was released in 1984 and has now been unavailable for more than two decades. On a side note, the title track, Do The Ghost, was also used on the Cream Of The Cats bootleg compilation album series. Tracklist: Do The Ghost /// Talk.

Spiral Girl (1985)

Also out on Creation Records, THE X-MEN’s second two-track 7” single comes along once more with a decent stomper and a more Psychedelic-driven number, all backed by very tight sound, gorgeous sleeve design and the inclusion of a band photo. This long-deleted chunk of vinyl, like their debut, has become kind of a collector’s item. Tracklist: Spiral Girl /// Bad Girl


Lillies For My Pussy (1986)

As they were not allowed to release any new original material and still being knotted to a publishing deal with Creation Records, THE X-MEN opted to record an all-cover mini album offered by Media Burns in 1986. All six tracks chosen and the general feel of the LP sees the five-piece tiptoeing away from their earlier rockin' dementia to a rather Psychedelic-driven sort of sound. This chunk of plastic is mostly for lovers of the band and collectors of vinyl obscurities. Track list: Hard Coming Love, Don't Break This Heart Of Mine, The Ballad Of You And Poohneil  // You Will Be Following, Can't Help Thinking About Me, Leave This House