Can You Feel The Vibes (1984)

This is the debut offering from the Essex-based Garage/Psycho quintet, originally out on Big Beat. Two originals and two brilliant cover versions are housed on this gem of 7” vinyl. Three of the four tracks were eventually re-released on the Single Minded compilation CD. Simply exciting! Track list: Mini Skirt Blues -- Stranger In The House /// The Underestimated Man -- Double Decker Bus.

I Hear Noises (1985 )

This is just another classic piece of 7“ vinyl from THE VIBES. The five-piece nailed a wild stomping original and a psychotic cover version of a 50's Blues by Willie Mabon for this long-deleted Chainsaw Records two-track masterpiece. The title track was also used to kick off the 12“ EP Inner Wardrobes of Your Mind. Track List: I Hear Noises /// I'm Mad.

The Inner Wardrobes Of Your Mind (1985)

This is the simply brilliant four-track 12” vinyl from one of the most striking outfits from the mid-80’s UK Garage/Trash boom. The Inner Wardrobes Of Your Mind offers an explosive brew of wild Rock’n’Roll mayhem, 60’s Psychedelia, Punk and furious Rockabilly, all backed by a decent slappin’ bass, Gary Boniface’s flashy vox and some outstanding guitar sounds. The EP includes a very awesome cover version of The OutcastsI’m In Pittsburgh, and the song eventually made it on John Peel’s “Festive 50”. The Chainsaw Records release also hit the Top 10 of the UK Independent Chart in March 1985. Track listing: I Hear Noises (Extended Trip Version) I’m In Pittsburgh (And It’s Rainin’) -- Hasil Adkins In My Head -- Scratch My Back.


¿What's Inside? (1986)

Among all of the bands to emerge from the U.K. Trash’n’Garage scene, few made it more often onto Psychobillies’ record players than THE VIBES. Though they drifted away further down the road of Acid with ?What’s Inside? compared to their earlier output, many of the eleven tracks offered by this Chainsaw Records release still have the power to please most open-minded Psychobillies. Their lone long-playing album was also a solid commercial success, teasing the Top 10 of the U.K. Independent Chart in Autumn 1986. Highlights are Psychedelic Woman, Inside Out (See All), Come Back Bird, Something Ain’t and What’Cha Gonna Do About It.