Another Half Hour Till Sunrise / Island Of Lost Souls (1982)

This is the first ever release under the name of THE TALL BOYS. The 7” single was out on Big Beat around the time Nigel Lewis left The Meteors and is, in a way, a documentation of this historic break-up. The front cover includes the information “A Nick’s Garage Band”, a credit to original Meteors manager Nick Garrard, though it has little to do with the later reincarnation of THE TALL BOYS and captures two recordings from the last Meteors session to include both Fenech and Lewis. The A-side lineup is Lewis (b, g, v) and Woodie Taylor (d), with Fenech’s original guitar track over-dubbed by Lewis. Another Half Hour Till Sunrise still features The Meteors II lineup, including Fenech on guitar. Both tracks (as they appeared on this record) were also included as bonus tracks on The Meteors Teenagers From Outer Space CD re-release. Tracklist: Island Of Lost Souls /// Another Half Hour Till Sunrise.

Final Kick (1985)

This is another popular Big Beat offering from THE TALL BOYS. Final Kick was released as a classic two-track 7” single, which includes the title track and Interceptor, as well as a four-track 12” vinyl. It eventually proved to be the band’s most successful single release, teasing the Top 10 of the UK Independent Chart in the summer of 1985. Again hard to tag with its exciting blend of musical backgrounds and a huge variation of musical influences, the recordings capture perfectly Nigel Lewis’ vision of “a harder, darker” direction of rockin’ music. On a side note, the songs Final Kick and Interceptor are credited as The Final Kick and The Interceptor on the label of the vinyl. Tracklist: Final Kick /// Interceptor Dragster -- Action Woman.

Brand New Gun(1986)

This is another long-deleted classic 12” EP release from Nigel Lewis’ third Psychobilly-related band, also distributed by Big Beat in 1986. This was the last offering from the quartet before they eventually split later that year. The song Brand New Gun, which is based on the true story of the New York City “subway vigilante” Bernard Goetz, became an all-time fan favourite and is still a firm part of Nigel Lewis’ live set. The record was banned by several radio stations due to the lyrics of the title track. Tracklist: Brand New Gun /// Last House On the Left -- Took A Long Time.


Wednesday Addams' Boyfriend (1984)

This is the quite popular six-track mini LP from THE TALL BOYS. The sound of the tracks on this 12” vinyl is very Garage/Punk-dominated Rock ‘n’ Roll with some thrown-in New Wave, British Beat and a variation of lyrical themes. THE TALL BOYS debut offering carries the first recordings of Nigel Lewis after the end of The Escalators. The album was also a decent Indie chart hit, peaking at # 6 in the Autumn of 1984. Highlights: Feel It, The Baron, Through A Glass and Beast On The Moor.

Funtime (1998)

Funtime was eventually released twelve years after the band’s split in 1986 on CD format by Big Beat Records. It contains the complete (studio) works from THE TALL BOYS, covering the years 1984 through1986, including all the A- and B-sides of their single releases, the mini album, two handfuls of demo recordings and the track, Take A Walk, which was exclusively produced for the soundtrack of the horror movie Return Of The Living Dead. The twenty-eight-track affair is an essential, complete-works compilation from one of the most influential Garage, Trash, Psychobilly related outfits of the 80’s. Highlights: The Baron, Beast On the Moor, Final Kick, Ride This Torpedo, Take A Walk, Brand New Gun and The Fang (Demo).

Live At The Klub Foot (2011)

The initial release of the forthcoming ' Live At The Klub Foot ' series on new-established Trophy Records features Meteors co-founder Nigel Lewis and his mighty TALL BOYS, originally recorded at the Hammersmith Psychobilly stronghold on 24 August 1985. The amazing sound of the ten-track offering and the four-piece itself at their highest level capture one of the most memorable bands of the mid-eighties psychotic Rock'n'Trash boom unmitigated. The set kicks off with the TALL BOYS usually used opening instrumental Dragster and winds up in a Rock'n'Roll Party. Between them you'll find one of the most charismatic lead vocals of the genre, clever song-writing, twangy twin guitars, a pair of anthems and Funtime. My personal favourites include Brand New Gun, Take A Walk, Final Kick, Funtime and Ride This Torpedo tho' it's definitely hard to pick any.