The Surf Rats

Trouble (1988)

This is the very entertaining debut 12Ē of another often overlooked, underrated Psychobilly outfit, originally issued on Lost Moment Records. Trouble offers a fair old school Psychobilly sound with its blend of stomping potential, changes of pace and an entertaining overdose of horror lyrics. Healthy slaps from the upright bass, solid guitar work and some catchy tunes round off the whole affair.  Four of the ten tracks are also out on the labelís Rockiní It Up compilation series. The highlights are Freddyís Fingers, Just Looking, March Of The Steelmen and I Hear Voices.

Straight Between The Eyes (1989)

The second and final album from the Birmingham-based Psychobilly trio up to this day. The sound is a little bit heavier and faster than their previous release and their speed-up on their variations of the 50ís Rockabilly standards Baby Please Donít Go and Twenty Flight Rock only prove my point. Anyway, this is still a helluva (w)rec(k)ord. After being deleted for nearly a decade, Trouble and Straight Between The Eyes were eventually re-released together on one CD in 1998. Highlights: 1,000 Ways To Die, Itís Good To Go, I Hate Rabbits and Spellbound.

Welcome To... Killafornya (2009)

After drafting in French blood with former Astro Zombies Fantomas and Gaybeul, main man Gaz Marson decided to keep on rockiní the Surf Rats way. Thirteen brand new originals, some of them re-recordings from Gaz' Love Cowboys days plus additional funny intro and outro, leave you in disbelieve that this band didnít release any material for about two decades. The sound and tempo of The Mighty Surf Rats Welcome To... Killafornya- Killer Tunes From Beyond The Reef   come from the heavier side of the rockiní gamut, but still remains Psycho and Billy. Excellent musicianship, catchy melodies and solid work from the mixer complete this fine disc. Highlights are Cruel Ainít The Word I Would Use, Lonely Drive, Rough Rider, Evil Girl and South West Of The Border.