Sunny Domestozs

Get Ready For The Getready! (1986)

This is a furious five-track 12´´ piece of vinyl from one of the most popular Psychobilly outfits, hailing from Deutschland. Creating their own wild blend of Rockabilly, Punk, Ska and Garage sounds, backed by a healthy slap bass and the unique addition of an organ, treated by new band member Jennilee Lewis, Get Ready For The Getready has become an all-time fan favourite and and highly demanded collector's item. The original Roof Records offering was re-issued on red vinyl by Built For Speed Records in 2006. Tracklist: Teenbeat F1-11-- Get Ready //Love Me And The World Is Mine-- Death Of A Thousand Cuts--Wild Man.

Playin' Favourites (1987)

This was the last record from the German Psychobilly quartet before the band's first split in January 1990. The 7´´vinyl EP comprises, as literally hinted in the title four cover versions from a variation of musical backgrounds and was original released by Pigture Disc in 1987 and underlines the band's ability to make a non-original song completely their own. Tracklist: Gonna Type A Letter--The Witch // Tigerman--Dawning Of A New ERA.


Barkin At The Moon(1985)

Barkin At The Moon is the debut album from Muenster-based SUNNY DOMESTOZS, originally distributed as 12´´ vinyl on the short-living Drinkin' Lonesome Records in 1985. The album includes twelve rockin' tracks and was produced by well-known German Jazz and Rock'n'Roll guru, TV host Goetz Alsmann, who also worked in the back of the band, on organ and on backing vocals on a few tracks. This is fast, raw, catchy Psychobilly from one of the most popular and Psychobilly pioneering German acts, backed by creative arrangements, well-written originals and enthusiastic style of play.  from one of the best and earliest German Psychobilly acts. The album was re-released on white vinyl in 2005 and is also available on The Complete Sunny Domestozs. Highlights: Run, Sadist, Surfin´ Vampire and Surfside Date

The Complete Sunny Domestozs(2000)

This CD release saw the light of day in 2000 on Kinghat Records and combines the  7´´ EP Playing Favorites, the 12´´ Get Ready For The Getready! and the album Barkin At The Moon on one single disc as well as The Cat, which originally appeared on the 2nd Psycho Attack Over Europe compilation. All tracks were originally released between 1985-1987. This CD also includes The Cat, which originally appeared on the 2nd Psycho Attack Over Europe. With the original wax pressings out of stock at the time of its release, the album brought the SUNNY DOMESTOZS sound to a new generation of Psychobilly lovers. The CD was re-released on Built For Speed in 2006 with a different sleeve design plus two live tracks from the band's very first gig . Highlights: Get Ready, Wild Man, Death Of A Thousand Cuts, Run and Surfin´ Vampire.