Burn Out! (2008)

After endless gigging, demo recording and their debut album with Russian lyrics out on the home-grown TCY label, the STRESSOR finally released this thirteen-track disc on Crazy Love in spring 2008. Burn Out! gets started with the excellent fifty second instrumental of the same title, that already gives you a solid impression what is about to follow. Wild and furious Rockabilly sounds, clear guitar twangs, super-tight and excellent musicianship, backed up by well-written, sicko originals and solid cover versions create a top-notch, authentic Psychobilly platter. Highlights are Mad At You, Bop-A-Lena, Asteroid Rock, Burning Down and Rain.

Trip To Mad City (2012) 


Still taking up the cause of the classic mid-eighties Psychobilly feel is Russia's premier 'old school' band STRESSOR and their fourth studio album again shines with clear guitar playing, knockout drum beats and an ever-walking slappin' bass.
This eleven-track Trip To Mad City presents ten self-penned, hard stompin' tunes and the odd cover version that is Tom Waits' Lie To Me. Tho' the four-piece has never being afraid of showing up with their influences here and there, STRESSOR always seems to be in full control of things and is always able to put its very own mark on each particular song.
Tempo changes, well executed breaks, a healthy variation of themes and sounds, sing-along-ish material and wild rockin' vibes from start to finish make this Crazy Love offering a no-brainer.
Songs like Let's Go!, B.B. Monster, Mad City, Trip To Spaceship and Full Of Zombies will make you move your feet, shake your head, swing your arms or all three things at one go. Excellent!