The Sting-Rays

The Sting-Rays On Self Destruct(1983)

After making themselves a name on the live circuit with their crowd-pleasing, enthusiastic gigs  the STING-RAYS were eventually signed by Big Beat Records in 1982. Their 7´´ debut vinyl kicks off with the "Stingrays" theme played backwards before soon breaking into the frantic sound of fan favourite Dinosaurs. The four-track EP includes three exciting originals and a brilliant cover version of You´re Gonna Miss Me. The Sting-Rays On Self Destruct is also best known for its great sleeve design, which is a homage to the US Psychedelic pioneers The 13th Floor Elevators . Tracklist: Dinosaurs--Math Of Trend // Another Cup Of Coffee--You´re Gonna Miss Me.


Recorded during the final session for their debut album Dinosaurs, the STING-RAYS smashed through some Garage classics, " made popular by the Cramps". Being bored of the never-ending comparisons with The Cramps and The Meteors, the band decided to release the 7´´ vinyl under a pseudonym. . The single release, which reached the Top 10 of the UK Independent Chart as well as # 1 of the Sounds Punk Chart, was also a strong favourite of BBC Radio Indie freak John Peel. On a side note a fourth song from that session, Psychotic Reaction made it on Revenge Of The Killer Pussies. Tracklist: The Crusher // Love Me--Surfin´ Bird.

Escalator (1984)

This is the second (official ) 7´´ vinyl output from „Crouch End's finest“ on the Big Beat label, released back in March 1984. The three track release features bass man and founding member Keith Cockburn for the last time and includes an instrumental version of the title track as well as a cover version of the The Hogs´ 60´s acid rocker Loose Lip Sync Ship. Tracklist: Escalator /Loose Lip Sync Ship-- Escalator (Instrumental)

Don´t Break Down (1985)

This is the furious four-track 12´´vinyl, also released on the Big Beat label. The single offering, that was also out on 7´´ format minus Image and Pretence, is featuring former Fireball XL5 Jonny Bridgwood on bass stringing duties for the first time and was also the band's last session recorded for the sub-label of ACE Records. The disc captures again the unique STING-RAYS sound and their incredible range of musical influences and styles and pure energy, which defies any description one more time. Simply awesome! Tracklist: Don´t Break Down-- Cover Version // Image-- Pretence.

The Sting- Rays Story -Flexi Disc (1984)

The 7´´ piece of red vinyl, which comes with a " Sting-rays story" fanzine, that features the history of the band from their formative school days till their first Media Burn offering, Don't Break Down besides a nonsense interview entitled Bonus Track, which was done by lead vocalist Bal Croke with the rest of the band, Mark Hosking (g), Alec Palao (d) and new acquired Jonny Bridgewood (b), the two killer tracks I Want My Woman and Flash On You, which are previously unreleased live recordings from February 1984.


Dinosaurs (1983)

Brilliant and exciting debut full-length album from what's arguably one of the most unique and exciting outfits, emerging from the Psychobilly / Garage underground. The album includes 13 tracks, all originals and was released on Big Beat Records in 1983. The mind-melting affair is a thrilling and highly varied blend of Rockabilly, British Beat, Psychedelic and 60´s Garage Punk, all backed by super-tight musicianship, exigent lyrics with decent humour and a progressive attitude . Simply essential! Highlights: Just Can´t Help Myself, Blue Girl, Standing In line, My Flesh On You, Joe Strummer´s Wallet and The Puppet.

Live Retaliation (1985)

Live Retaliation is the first long-playing record ever released on Media Burn Records  in 1985, a label that eventually continued to showcase many great bands of the mid-80s UK Trash scene for a few years more. The fourteen- track 12´´ vinyl is a wonderful snapshot of the STING-RAYS'  onstage lunacy, recorded live at The Pindar Of Wakefield, London back in 1984 and gives you a decent idea why they were one of the best live acts at their peak of existence. Highlights are Dinosaurs, You Got A Hard Time Comin, Come On Kid, Joe Strummer´s Wallet, Standing In Line and You´re Gonna Miss Me.

Live And Raw (1995)

Eleven years after its original taping at the These Cats Ain't Nothing But Trash all-dayer at the Nottingham's Palais in April 1984, Raucous Records licensed these live recordings from Visionary Communications, that were previously issued as VHS footage, and pressed them twelve tracks on a limited 10´´ piece of vinyl. The album is also the only official STING-RAYS release that features virtuoso Lloyd Tripp on upright bass, who was part of the band between The Vibes first split and their reformation in 1985. Highlights are Math Of Trend, Come On Kid, ("This one's for you Clash fans...") Joe Strummer's Wallet, Rowed Out and I Want My Woman.

From The Kitchen Sink(2002)

From The Kitchen Sink is a great Best Of... collection from one of the most interesting and unique bands related to Psychobilly  and its sub-genres. It gathers twenty of the STING-RAYS'  best recordings (including the band´s complete Bananamen 7´´ EP), as well as six previously unreleased demo tapes. With the original album releases still unavailable on CD format, the 5´´ disc is a  must-have for the compact disc collectors of Rock'n'Roll mayhem. The release also includes a lovely made booklet with extensive liner notes and photographs. My personal highlights are The Crusher, Don´t Break Down, Escalator, Joe Strummer´s Wallet, Dinosaurs, I Want My Woman, and Surfin' Bird.


Live At The Klub Foot (2010)


Another bit of 80's rockin' frenzy was finally restored and released by Cherry Red Records in 2010. Originally captured more than a quarter of a century earlier downstairs at the Klub Foot, this very entertaining disc holds in store another chameleonic set of Garage goodies, tracks from the Trash, cranky covers and obscure originals that is beyond words. Four of the fifteen songs were previously available on the initial Stomping At The Klub Foot 12” vinyl. With Cherry Red owning the back catalogue of the complete Klub Foot recordings and not interested in releasing any Psychobilly related items at the moment , this is most probably the last chance to get yourself a piece of history from the 80's Mecca of psychotic Rock'n'Roll. Highlights include Come On Kid, How Much More, Escalator, Time Is After You, You Got A Hard Time Comin' and Blue Girl.