The Space Cadets


Lost On Earth (1995)

This is debut release of the SPACE CADETS, the spacy side-project run by the all-star lineup of Mouse Zihnn, Mark Harman, Ricky Lee Brawn and Anders Janes. The Vinyl Japan release is a wonderful package of crazy Rockabilly, stompin' beats, joky lyrics all boosted by an excellent, vintage sound and well-rehearsed tracks. Tracklist: Rockin' With The Space Cadets-- Rockin' On Thin Ice-- Rocket Ship // Let's Get Crazy-- Time To Rock-- Cadet Walk.


Astrobilly Rockin' (1996)

Take four of the best musicians of the U.K. (neo)rockin' circuit, dress them up for a space walk, make sure they are in mood for partying, lock them up in a rocket ship and send them straight to the moon and you will get some Astrobilly Rockin' in return. Thou remaining resolutely Rockabilly on all fourteen tracks, the all originals have the power to make even the most po-faced audience to shake their ass. Terrific guitar playing, a fat, extra tight rhythm section, good-natured but wild rockin', catchy tunes make this another must-have for lovers of rockin' madness. The CD release includes nine extra tracks of spacy Rock'n'Roll. Highlights on the Astro side are Astrobilly Rockin', In Space, Lost On Earth, Lady M. .My favourites on the Billy side are Awakadeeawakadoo, Did He Jump Or Was He Pushed? and We Just Wanna Be Loved.