The Glove (1995)

Almost five years after the quartet’s first official split, the reformed and reshuffled SKITZO lineup created this four-track 7” vinyl for Fury Records in August 1995. Very similar to their Skitzo Mania output, the outfit continued to record a more back-to-basics kind of Psychobilly compared to Terminal Damage. Tracklist: The Glove -- My Drum /// Killer Love -- No Return.


Skitzo Mania(1987)

This debut album is another Nervous Records classic loaded with fan favourites and all-time anthems. It combines cool cover versions, including Hank WilliamsYour Cheating Heart, a fine reworking of the 50’s Rockabilly standards Lonesome Train and Caledonia, as well as some awesome, very exciting original stompers. The twelve-track 12” vinyl was produced by Roy Williams and 'Doc' Stewart from XXX Studios in 1987. This is fast, hard rockin’ 80’s Psychobilly, backed by a hard slapping bass, slightly distorted guitar sounds and dozens of screams. The CD release of Skitzo Mania in 1994 includes their two Zorch Factor contributions and five previously unissued songs as a bonus. Highlights: Skitzo Mania, Shipwreck Island, I’m Goin’ Skitzo, Doctor Death and Under Pressure.

Terminal Damage(1988) 

This is the second album from the London-based Psychobilly outfit, originally released on 12” vinyl by Nervous Records. The sound moved into a harder direction with increasing influences from Heavy Metal, Punk and Hardcore, heightened by the addition of a full drum kit and a more distorted guitar sound brought in by new recruits Strut and Pete Davis, respectively. Terminal Damage is highly regarded as a key release of the 90’s generation of Psychobilly/Punkabilly. The CD release also includes two bonus tracks. Highlights: Terminal Damage, Psycho Ward, Sore Point and their fine cover version of Green Door.

Vertigo (1997)


After SKITZO had stunned the Psychobilly planet about two years earlier with their excellent 'The Glove' 7” for Fury Records and with the resurgent interest from a new generation of twisted minds in all things SKITZO, the Ramsgate-based four-piece recorded another twenty-track attack of all-original material for Nervous Records in 1997. The sound and general feel of Vertigo is centred between their first two full-length releases, which isn't a bad thing at all and fits well to the legacy of this band. My personal favourites include Misery, the re-recordings of The Glove and Terminal Damage, Cry In The Dark, Deep River and Vertigo.