Bitch Attack(1994)

This is a great 4 track EP from THE SHARKS, originally pressed on 12´´ red vinyl by Vinyl Japan. It contains four stompers from the Recreational Killer session ,two alternative versions of Dealer and Schizoid Man plus two previously unreleased tracks. Tracklist: Bitch Attack -- Mudman // Dealer--Schizoid Man.

Sir Psycho(1996)

After the departure of Gary Day and forced back in the Phantom Rockers lineup, the trio released this four track 7´´ EP on Fury Records. The songs were recorded in one day and showcase the band's brand of clear guitar twangs and fat doghouse slaps. Sir Psycho and Bitch Attack EPs are available  together on CD album, also including a bunch of live cuts and bonus songs, entitled Bitch Attack, released by Raucous Records in 2001. Tracklist: Sir Psycho--Cold Heart // Side-show Freak--Between Two Worlds.

Short Shark Shock (2005)

The six-track mini CD includes demos from the original SHARKS, featuring the pre-Phantom Rockers lineup- consisting of Alan Wilson and Kevin & Paul Hancock. The songs were recorded at two different sessions about 25 years ago before its eventual release on Raucous Records and capture a young band, who later became one of the premier outfits of the Neo / Psycho scene, contributing to the ongoing Rockabilly revival in the United Kingdom. Tracklist: Mean Mr Shark-- Space Man Rock N Roll--Honey Don´t --Slap Bass Billy--Sweet Love On My Mind--Mean Mr Shark ( Version #2).


Phantom Rockers(1983)

Phantom Rockers is another milestone in the annals of Psychobilly/ Neorockabilly music. After a lineup change in 1982 that brought in Paul Hodges and Steve Whitehouse on drums and doghouse bass respectively, the trio recorded this Nervous classic 12´´ album. Like The Meteors or The Ricochets, THE SHARKS emerged from the U.K. Rockabilly revival scene and paved the way for future outfits with slap-driven sounds, bad-ass attitude and lyrics liberated from the restrictions of the authentic scene. The quintessential fourteen-track album was re-released on CD, coloured vinyl and picture disc formats a few times over the last 25 years.  Highlights: Moonstomp (Do What You Want), Skeleton Rock, Take A Razor To Your Head, Death Row, Short Shark Shock, Phantom Rockers and Charlie.

First & Last (1988)

Five years after their original recording and the band's split, Nervous Records obtained the rights of a broadcast on Dutch radio and finally released this live album to answer the prayers of the record buying public in need for more SHARKS output. The original 12´´ vinyl showcases parts of two essential Sharks gigs from the days of the Phantom Rockers lineup. The first side is a more (authentic) Rockabilly orientated affair from their first performance of relevance, the other side is a more wilder show, that captures the band's electricity weeks before its eventual split and includes some of the classics from their debut album. Highlights: We Say Yeah!, Moonstomp, Ghost Train and Chainsaw Charlie

Recreational Killer (1993)

After being brought back to life by ace bass slapper Gary Day and main man Alan Wilson himself during the recordings for the Frantic Flintstones' album Jamboree, The twosome, joined by Paul Hodges finally released their second, long-awaited studio album on Anagram Records in 1993. The sixteen-track CD carries traditional Psychobilly sounds with clear guitar twangs, wild but tight rhythm section and Punk attitude. Among the highlights are re-recordings of Charlie (1993 Version) and Charlie (The Sequel), with the latter one previously available as Men From Uncle tune on the Cream Of Cats compilation bootleg album. Other great songs are Screw, Bye Bye Girl, Hooker, Schizoid Man and Scratchin' My Way Out.

Ruff Stuff (1994)

This is a collection of demos and outtakes from the Recreational Killer session. Ruff Stuff was originally out as a twelve-track CD on the KIX4U label , but was eventually on picture disc format with different sleeve design and an alternative tracklist on Crazy Love Records in 1997. It includes two splendid re-recordings of the Sharks classics (Still On) Deathrow and Take A Razor To Your Head. Other highlights are Schizoid Man, Scratchin' My Way Out and Recreational Killer.  

Bitch Attack (2001)

Bitch Attack contains sixteen songs that were previously unissued on CD format. It includes the complete Sir Psycho and Bitch Attack EPs plus some live performances and compilation tracks. The Raucous Records release showcases some kinda Best Of the second reincarnation of THE SHARKS from the mid-1990s and material featuring Steve Whitehouse and Gary Day on upright bass respectively. Highlights are Bitch Attack, Schizoid Man, Dealer, My Neighbour's Garden( with ex-Flintstones' Gary Day also on vocals )and Sir Psycho.

The Ultimate Collection (2008)


This compilation of eighteen tracks from THE SHARKS enfolds songs from the long-deleted EP offerings- Bitch Attack and Sir Psycho respectively- alternate takes and previously unreleased material from the band's post-Nervous days. As you would expect from the album title you get one of the best-loved and most influential outfits tagged by the Psychobilly label, laying down some fan favourites, anthems and having themselves a good time with experimenting and varying some of their original output. This one is highly recommended for the huge SHARKS fan base, Psychobilly beginners and record collectors that are interested in a traditional Psychobilly sound. Have a go at Sir Psycho, Bitch Attack, Schizoid Man ( Alt. Version), Scratchin' My Way Out (Alt. Version), Hooker (Electric Bass Version) , Deathrow (1994 Version) and Dracula's Daughter.

Infamy (2012)


Pushed back to the Phantom Rockers line-up were THE SHARKS in 2012 for a live comeback and additional studio work. Infamy boasts twelve tracks of clever song-writing, superb musicianship and excellent work from the production desk. The lyrics are all about real life characters and fake personalities that seem to have been hanging around deep in the mind of Alan Wilson for years, creating a strong concept album feel all over the package. If your Rock'n'Roll ego does not bother too much about horror movie text and raging sound you can't go wrong with THE SHARKS way to Infamy. Highlights include House Of Wax, First Men On The Moon, Control and I Can't Believe You're Back.