Mystery Men EP(1987)

This is another legendary 12" piece of vinyl, released by Nervous Records in 1987. The Bristol-based trio again offers their rockin' inimitability with four strong stompers, creative lyrics and a very unique sound. On a side note, the track Red Death was originally entitled Sad Man and was one of the four tracks on the band's very first demo tape with different lyrics. The Mystery Men EP was included on the CD re-release of Psyclops Carnival on Crazy Love Records in 2001. Track list: Mystery Man--Rock Strong //Conscription Plan--Red  Death.

The Lost Demo EP (2012)


This wonderful 7-incher is the first official TORMENT release in more than two decades that holds previously unreleased material. This four-track chunk of vinyl contains the complete 2nd demo recordings from one of the unique outfits of this genre, originally recorded in February 1986 by the 'Zorch Factor I' lineup including Tony Biggs on double bass. Strictly limited to 500 copies, this Migraine Records offering is a must have for record collectors and the band's loyal following. Track listing: Death Trail-- Right Turn // Nightmare-- The Source.


Psyclops Carnival(1986)

This is another quintessential mid-80's Psychobilly classic. Already being noticed for their two tracks on the Zorch Factor I, TORMENT eventually debuted with Psyclops Carnival on Nervous Records in 1986. Despite the decent use of technical tools for the creation of the sound, nearly steadfastly avoiding classic Psycho themes and the black and white colour scheme of the album sleeve, designed by drummer Kevin Haynes, which were all not common use at the time of the release date, the twelve-track affair remains strictly Psychobilly. The album was eventually re-released   on CD format, also including the full Mystery Men EP and the four tracks, recorded for Zorch Factor I and Zorch Factor II. Highlights: Death Trail, Uncle Sam, Rockjet, Head Driven Sinner, Time To Think, Psyclops Carnival and Pass It On.

Three's A Crowd (1987)

Three's A Crowd was the second straight hi-quality long-playing record from TORMENT. Though this album has never made it on CD format- for whatever reasons-, all but one song, These Chains, are available on the The Best Of Torment release on Anagram's Psychobilly Collector's series. All of them ten tracks are real catchy songs, "Torment"-styled and well produced by Simon Brand's old Frenzy co-partner Steve Whitehouse. The nine originals plus the odd cover version of The  Ricochets' I'm A Loser include again no fillers. Highlights are Torment, You Did Nothing, Missing You, Out Of My Head and Rules For Fools.

Round The World(1989)

Round The World was the third TORMENT offering, also out on 12'' vinyl by Nervous Records.. The twelve-track affair includes a fantastic mix of different music styles ranging from Swing, Psycho, Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly, all (again) backed by great song-writing, tight sound make this album a highlight of the late 80´s.They even tried an a cappella of the Eddie Cochran classic 20 Flight Rock  and a dark, New Wave-ish track called "Hideaway". The album is finally available on CD format, re-released and digitally re-mastered by Vampirette Records, with the addition of the Mystery Men EP and two more songs, including These Chains, the only song from Three's A Crowd, that was unavailable on CD format. More highlights are Psycho, Love To Drink, Sail Away and Catch 22.


This is TORMENT's  fourth and final long-playing record before the untimely death of Simon Brand in 1994. Originally out in 1990, Hypnosis  brings some even  more Pop, New Wave influences to the sound, without losing its Psychobilly roots. The album was out on 12'' vinyl as well as on CD format, with the later includes two bonus tracks. The Nervous platter shelters another great composition of brilliant song-writing, tight musicianship, excellent work from the producer's chair (Pete Gage) and a huge variation of themes and tempos. Highlights: Worse And Worse, Hypnosis, Washed Out , Psyclone Joe and Divedemyize.

The Best of  Torment (2001)


In 2001 Cherry Red Records finally took its hat off to TORMENT, definitely one of the most influential and prolific bands from the tail end of the 1980's with a “best of” compilation, that was released on the label's Psychobilly Collector's Series. The twenty-track CD includes the complete Three's A Crowd album but These Chains and a solid selection of songs, taken from their divers releases. The inner-sleeve offers an interview with drummer Kevin Haynes, that was originally out on the Deathrow fanzine. Tho' not offering anything new, this is strong investment for Psychobilly newbies, CD collectors and TORMENT lovers as songs like Psyclops Carnival, Uncle Sam, Out Of My Head, You Did Nothing, Kicked Down Low and The Source captures the band's unique sound very well.

Live At The Klub Foot (2011)


This Trophy Records release showcases one of the best, most popular and most unique outfits from the bottom half of the 1980's at a very early stage of their career live onstage at the infamous Psychobilly mecca. Nine songs by the Bristol-based three-piece of the set, that is best known for originally being recorded to create the 'Stomping At The Klub Foot 3' compilation album have been surviving through all those years and have become available in excellent audio quality without any overdubbing for the first time. This album is essential listening for all those who were there back then to wallow in memories as well as for the new generation of TORMENTed souls that is to come. Highlights are the opening track and band theme Torment, The Source, Rockjet, Conscription Plan and Pass It On.