The Go-Katz EP (1987)

This is the famous initial release from Raucous Records, that was primarily formed as a mail-order service the year before. The 7´´ vinyl was originally out in 1987 and includes four pieces of wild rocking, entertaining music created by the original quintet from Leicestershire . The song Nowhere Train appeared on the Psycho Attack Over Europe compilation series too. Track list: Nightmare--Nowhere Train //Fine Thing Baby--No Gene Vincent.

Maniac (2007)

This is the excellent four track maxi CD, that was released in 2007 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of both the Go-Katz and Raucous Records in proper style. The reshuffled line-up creates an old-school Psychobilly sound, that makes you think where the years have gone. The first three songs of the EP are well-known cover versions, recorded by the brought back to life Go-Katz whilst Brain Decay is a song from the band´s very first demo tape dating back to 1987. Track list: Maniac-- Walkin´ Talkin´ Johnny Cash Blues-- Long Blond Hair-- Brain Decay (unreleased 1987 demo)


Real Gone Katz (2002)

This is the ultimate compilation of Go-Katz songs. The nine track album includes the complete Go-Katz EP from 1987,their compilation album material as well as three previously unissued tracks. All of the songs were recorded in the late 1980s before the band´s first split, and are a  great creation of authentic Psycho- and Neorockabilly elements. Highlights: Nightmare, Nowhere Train, Real Gone Demented Hillbilly Cat and Living In Your Shadow.