Speed On 45 (1987)

This is another tidy debut album from the heyday of Psychobilly. The ten track long-playing record was originally released on 12´´ green coloured vinyl on the German Maybe Crazy label in 1987. Most of the output is fine, traditional 80´s Psychobilly, backed by a wild and healthy treated slappin' bass and some creative originals, packed with a solid bunch of humour. Among the highlights is a nice cover version of the Clash classic London Calling and the wild rockin´ My Home Is My Castle, a song that was later re-recorded and re-mixed for the Psycho Attack Over Europe compilation series. Other highlights are Radioactive Decay and I Don´t Care For You.

3 Of A Kind(1988)

This is the follow-up album of the German Psychobilly trio, also originally out on 12´´  vinyl by Maybe Crazy Records in 1988. The eleven-track affair is very 80´s Psychobilly in character, excelling at fine slap bass sounds, catchy tunes and tight musicianship. The tone and production of 3 Of A Kind bear some decent resemblance to their (early )label mates Mad Sin . This album and their debut offering Speed On 45  are available on one CD, released by Crazy Love Records. The best songs are I'm Back, 3 Of A Kind, Cheating My Baby and Let's Break The Law.