The Roughnecks

The Roughnecks (1985)

This is the ROUGHNECKS' record debut out as a three-track 7´´ EP on the independent Punk label Korea. With the original vinyl all in collector's hands these days, it's good news that all songs were eventually re-released on The Real Deal  CD. An intended fourth song entitled  I Stepped In Dogshit Meant For You  was taken off the record after an intern discussion and eventually got lost forever due to a fire in the record label vaults . Tracklist: Saddle Soap // Talkin' 'Bout You—Ridin' To The Sky.

Hard Times(1986)

This is the quite popular 12´´ EP from the Neorockabilly quartet, emerging from the rockin' underground of (West) Berlin , also distributed by Korea Records. The four track 45 rpm vinyl includes another  four wild rockin' stompers from these German outfit and their blend of C&W, straight Rockabilly and youthful unconcern . The song Take A Look was also chosen for Psycho Attack Over Europe compilation album . Tracklist: Hard Times-- Jimmy's Revenge// Never Cry--Take A Look.


Stop, Look 'N' Listen (1987)

This is the first ROUGHNECKS long-playing record, that saw the light of day in 1987. With it's variation of themes, tight musicianship and high-voltage Rockabilly sounds, all backed by the power of two guitars, Punk attitude and a wild  rockin' rhythm section plus most of them twelve songs well-crafted originals, Stop, Look 'n' Listen made into many serious Psychobilly record collection . The whole album is also available on The Real Deal-CD, that also includes the previously issued EPs and two new recordings. Highlights: Dope Rider, Tscha, Get Up, The Fly and Saddle Soap.