Rosemary's Triplets


No Escape (2013)

After making a name for themselves with a five-track demo CD and playing the small clubs ad nauseam, ROSEMARY'S TRIPLETS didn't waste too much time to come up with their solid rockin' debut album on 48records. The trio hailing from the Berlin area shows up with influences ranging from (German) Punk, C&W, Metal and Psychobilly plus lyrics written in three different languages (sometimes even changing within the songs), which all makes things not easy for pigeonholing both the album and the band. This is not a classic Psychobilly affair, but an album offering that tries to push the limits for the open-minded followers of this scene. Personal favourites and suggestions for a first listening include Dead Sailor Boogie, Colt 45, Fest Im Sattel and Speed.

Hellbound Train (2014)


Fasten your seatbelts please and enjoy a ride with ROSEMARY'S TRIPLETTS' Hellbound Train. Their second full-length CD - fourteen all-original tracks written, recorded and released in less than a year after their debut album came out- showcases this up-and-coming German three-piece at their very best. Traditional Psychobilly themes come along with tones from neighbouring genres, all spiced up with a varying number of musical influences and tempos. An extra double bass for always being patient with the folks here at the office and also for being a nice bunch of fellas. For people who don't do a blind bargain check out Show Me The Way, The Devil Wants My Soul, Night Of The Knife and Zwielicht for first impressions.