Rochee & The Sarnos

Have You Got.......  Sarno Fever?(1983)

This is the fabulous debut vinyl from one of the most unique bands, emerging from this genre and long deleted collector's item. The Kay-Y Record 7´´ includes their original recording of fan favourite Sarno Fever and a stunning cover version of a Stan Laurel / Oliver Hardy song , taken from their "Way Out West" movie, entitled Trail Of The Lonesome Pine. Tracklist: Sarno Fever-- Sarno Rhythm //Trail Of A Lonesome Pine-- Sarno Dictionary.

Rumble In The Jungle(1985)

This is another classic two song single, distributed by Nervous Records on a chunk of 7´´ vinyl back in 1985. It includes two more typical Rochee & The Sarnos songs with their extra dose of humour. Whistle Wriggle is an instrumental with Lord Herbie non-stop whistling to a stomping Rock'n'Roll rhythm. Both songs are also available on the CD re- release of  "Understanding Sarno". Tracklist: Rumble In The Jungle // Whistle Wriggle.


Understanding Sarno(1985) 

Understanding Sarno is another "no-doubter" in the history of Psychobilly music. These are definitely the best recordings all-time including an one-string double bass! Catchy melodies, clever lyrics about dead dogs, parlours, croissants and all sorts of "Sarnos" mixed with primitive, but very rocking & stomping beats, plus one of the best sleeve designs ever, make this Nervous Records release absolutely essential. The album was also re-released on CD format back on Crazy Love in 1999, containing four more bonus tracks. Highlights are all tracks with a Sarno(s) in the name, Gay Cowboy, Dead Dog Blues and Rochee Is A Monster.

The Golden Dawn (2008)

Oh my god, they are back! Here it is, the long-awaited second album from U.K.'s most notorious Psychobilly clowns. The auto-released and -produced disc contains twelve new recordings, including studio versions of the old Klub Foot classics Defrocked Priest, Eat My Teeth and The Beast and the rework of another hangover from these days Woman Eater, renamed as The Loneliness Of Cars. Most of the other eight tracks are strong compositions in the mood of the original Sarno sound, enriched with these kinda very special lyrics, which can be found for a sing-along on the band´s official website. The most wicked tracks are Market Place, Defrocked Priest, Eat My Teeth, Naughty Uncle Arthur and Foot In My Sock.