The Ricochets

Made In The Shade(1982)

Made In The Shade is not only one of the first, but definitely one of the best and most influential Psychobilly records ever. Spearheading a new generation of slap-bass-driven Psychobilly, THE RICOCHETS created this milestone of the genre on the Nervous label in 1982.  The twelve-song masterpiece is some outstanding uptempo Rockabilly refined with Punk intensity and attitude. Great tracklist with no padding, catchy and stompin' melodies, result in another must-have, must-hear. To showcase the band's onstage power it was decided to add a live recording in form of Everybody's Rockin. This classic of the genre is available as picture disc and on CD format, including bonus tracks, that were originally released on V.A. compilation albums and alternative takes Other highlights: Hey Girl, Crazy Dream, Black Magic Baby , Worried `bout You Baby and Night Ship.

On Target(1992)

Ten years after the success of their legendary Made In The Shade, THE RICOCHETS went to a studio again to record their second album this time for the Dutch Count Orlock Records. Also featuring the original lineup consisting of the Sardi brothers, Steve and Sam, Dave Jones and ace drummer 'Ginger' Meadham, the quartet laid down twelve brand new recordings, including two reworks of their Hep Cat Hop classic Migraine and Witchcraft respectively. Highlights: Buried Alive, Thirty Days, Welcome To My Nightmare.