Mr. Blues (1984)

This is another classic Big Beat single and RESTLESSí only output with the Garage'n'Trash specialists. Mr. Blues hit the Top 15 of the UK Independent charts in early 1985. The title track, which was the first recording made with a newly drafted rhythm guitar player, was later re-issued on the compilation album Single Minded in 1992. Foolís Gold was already recorded for the Do You Feel Restless? album earlier in 1984. Track list: Mr. Blues /// Foolís Gold.

Vanish Without a Trace (1985)

After a change of record label, RESTLESS released their first single on ABC Records in 1985. Vanish Without A Trace was available on both vinyl formats, including four tracks on the 12Ē, and two songs (the title track backed with Show Me The Door) on the 7Ē. All four compositions are RESTLESS originals and were eventually re-released on the Rock Ďní Roll Beginners album in 1998. Track list: Vanish Without A Trace -- Face To Face /// Show Me The Door -- Girl Invisible.


Why Don't You...Just Rock! (1982)

This is the debut LP from what is without doubt one of Great Britainís premier Neorockabilly outfits. Youthful energy and enthusiasm, tight sounds, a great rhythm section, and one of the sceneís most gifted guitar pickers, Mark Harman, result in a twelve-track masterpiece that pleases all-kinda-billies. The Nervous Records album from 1982 includes many of their early classics and is definitely one of the most influential albums from that era for both Neorockabilly and its deformed sibling Psychobilly. The CD re-release from 1990 includes three bonus tracks from their original demo. Highlights: Itís A Scam, Why Donít You Just Rock, Long Black Shiny Car, Yellow Cab To Midnight and Blackat.

Do You Feel Restless? (1984)


Do You Feel Restless? is the second straight classic album from the British Neobilly legends, also out on Nervous Records. Once again, not a pure Psychobilly offering, but with a furious tempo that can hold its own to any other from that era, tight musicianship and only two (excellent) cover versions, Do You Feel Restless? was most welcome throughout the stomping nation. This is their most powerful album, also featuring Prisoner Of Love, which was included on the Psycho Attack Over Europe compilation album. Other highlights are Bottle On The Beach, Down At The Swamp, the high-speed instrumental Crack Up Ďní Fall To Pieces and Baby Please Donít Go.

Live & Kicking (1987)

This is the splendid live album from one of the British Islesí most popular Neorockabilly acts of all time. The album was recorded at the legendary Klub Foot on 14 March, 1987 and captures a wild, rockiní show from one of the circuitís very best crowd pleasers. It features a set that includes many fan favourites. The eleven-track offering released by ABC Records is loaded with music from a bill that also included performances by Skitzo and the Guana Batz, the latter also available as Live Over London. Highlights: Ghost Town, Ice Cold, 16 Tons and Bottle On The Beach.

The Early Years 1981-1983 (1987)

A collection of fourteen tracks that were all recorded between 1981 and 1983. The fourteen-track Nervous platter not only includes many of the original trioís finest offerings, but also some previously unissued stuff from their 1981 demo tape. The album captures the first RESTLESS lineup, consisting of brothers Paul (b) and Mark Harman (g) and Ben Cooper (d), creating another feast and setting the table with great musicianship, tight sound and stomping rhythms. To make it short: These are essential recordings from the pioneering days of Neorockabilly and Psycho. Highlights: Hightime, Something I Said, Itís a Scam, Why Donít You Just Rock, Here I Am and Edge On You

Number Seven (1991)

Number Seven features the early 1990s RESTLESS lineup consisting of Mark Harman, Steve Whitehouse and Rob Tyler and was the bandís final album from their partnership with Madhouse Records. The fantastic sound and great production of the sixteen track affair manage to capture three of the circuitís best musicians on top of their form. The long-deleted item was re-released with a different cover design in 2007. Highlights: I Keep Forgettiní, Another Man Down, New Girlfriend and B.I.G..

The Lost Sessions (1996)

The Lost Sessions is the second RESTLESS album resulting from their partnership with Vinyl Japan. This time they present their very own interpretation of Rockabilly standards and classics from the likes of Johnny Horton, Lew Williams, Kenny Parchman, Don Woody and many more. The lack of originality and the bandís natural wildness are compensated for by perfect production and brilliant musicianship. Highlights: All The Time, Break Up, Love Crazy Baby and Put Me Down.

Live At The Klub Foot (2011)

Trapped in an opening slot of a four band bill at the infamous Klub Foot were RESTLESS on the 22nd of September 1984. The gig was originally taped to provide few songs of each participating band for the upcoming compilation album series on ABC Records but has now become available on full-length format at last. This thirteen-track 5Ē attack showcases the Neorockabilly legend as good and rockin' as ever, backed by the excellent guitar play of six-string king Mark Harman, super-tight rhythm section and a well-chosen set of fan favourites and real rarities. The wild stompin' performance by the UK Neorockabilly legend did so well with the crowd that they were asked to headline their very next Klub Foot. This is R'n'R history. Be part of it! Again hard to pick any highlights, I'm mostly taken with Roll Your Money Maker, Long Black Shiny Car, Girl On Death Row, Live A Lie, Edge On You and Mr. Blues at the moment.