The Rattlers


I Don't Want You- Hey Babe (1984)

This 7" single contains the earliest recordings from Watford-based THE RATTLERS., who were signed after a gig at a local pub by Lost Moments. Both tracks captures the hard-edged Neorockabilly beat the band is best known for pretty well and are a true sample of the popular Psychobilly / Neorockabilly borderline sound. Collector's item! Track list: I Don't Want You // Hey Babe


Face The Fact (1990)


This is another excellent 7" E.P. from the Raucous Raucous back catalogue. The four-track item is loaded with high-quality song-writing, catchy melodies, tight sound, rockin' guitar and healthy slap bass beats, so let's Face The Fact! By the way, the title track is also available on the Rockin' With Raucous compilation album. Track list: I Feel Fine -- Waiting For You To Call // Face The Fact -- Running.


Scare Me To Death (1984)

This is not only the debut (mini)album from THE RATTLERS, but also the initial long-playing platter from Lost Moment Records. Speedy Neorockabilly, a solid track collection and  impressive and convincing sound,  make this album another solid addition to your record collection. The 12" vinyl,  produced by Boz Boorer, was eventually re-released with six more bonus tracks on CD format by Nervous Records in 1993. Highlights: Scare Me To Death, Mine All Mine, The Rattlin' Boogie and their impressive cover version of You´re My Baby.

Take A Ride (1985)

This is another bright, but also often overlooked, gem from the wild rockin´ mid-eighties. The album which was produced by Roy Williams and Doc Stewart and released again on Lost Moment Records in 1985. Like many other outfits, that emerged form the London rocking underground at the early 1980s, THE RATTLERS created their own youthful interpretation of Rockabilly, blending all-time classics and originals with a stomping beat, a furious slap bass and a mean guitar. The album also includes the fan favourites Life In a Coffin, Take A Ride and Mine All Mine. Other highlights are Bloo Zoot,007 Theme, She's The One and Love Me.

Never Say Die (1989)

Never Say Die is another good and catchy album from the British Neorockabilly trio, fronted by Nick Peck, who also took over the lead vocals, originally out on Nervous Records in 1989. Many of the tracks are some sort of up-tempo, melodic, straight-ahead Neorockabilly, highlighted by a great slapped upright bass and nice, clear guitar sound similar to the sound of bands like The Polecats or Restless. Highlights: Gone Forever, Savin' It all For You, Never Say Die and the Man With The Twi-light Eyes.