Radium Cats

Pink Hearse (1991)

This is the only 45 rpm offering from the Scottish RADIUM CATS, originally pressed on 12´´ vinyl and distributed by Raucous Records. All three tracks are very entertaining and re-emphasise the band´s significance for the late 80s / early 90s Psychobilly circuit.  The song Pink Hearse was also taken for their follow-up album Other Worlds . Tracklist: Pink Hearse // Teenage Werewolf--Haunted By Your Love.

Munster Madness(1988)

Munster Madness is definitely a lost Psychobilly classic and most arguably one of the most underrated  albums that's linked with this genre. Hailing from the capitol of Scotland, the trio created a 8-track masterpiece for Mental Records in 1988 with a raw, wild Rockabilly sound, tight and excellent musicianship and B-movie influenced lyrics. The original 12´´ vinyl has never been re-released  on CD format up to this day and despite the fact that we are living in the e-Bay age , very difficult to get hold of. The highlights are ( I Hear It )Howling In The Swamp, Thump Thump Thump, Froggy and the superb, hi-octane cover version of Roy Orbison´s Go Go Go .

Other Worlds(1992)

Other Worlds is the second and final album from this exciting outfit, fronted by brothers Paul (g/v) and Lee Paterson (b/v). Their wild blend of Psychobilly and Neorockabilly mayhem with decent Trash influences leads to a special, yes unique sound. With all fourteen songs circling thematically around Other Worlds  to a greater or lesser extend, the Nervous Records release is some kind of  a concept album. The highlights are Martian Hop, My Girl Is Like Uranium, Pink Hearse and Six Feet Down.