The Return Of The Radiacs (2010)

Back in their original line-up, the reunited Sheffield-based quartet didn't wait long to release a new EP-CD with four brand new recordings and the complete, long-deleted mid-90's 7 EP as bonus on Raucous Records. The seven-track affair is very diverse and includes two no-nonsense Psychobilly tunes, a slow stomper and a trashy cover version of the 50's Rock'n'Roll obscurity She's My Witch plus the three more Rockabilly-ish sounding tunes, taken from their Wouldn't Do Anything Baby vinyl. Track listing: Radiac Stomp-- Do Bad Things-- Right To Death-- She's My Witch-- It's My Life-- Wouldn't Do Anything Baby-- Sweet Turtle Dove.


Hellraiser (1989)

This debut platter from the Sheffield-based RADIACS is another representative album out on Link Records "Chuck Flintstone Presents..." series.  The quartet's enthusiastic style of play, a proper old school, slap bass-driven Psychobilly sound and some wicked ideas compensate for low-quality production and several filler tracks. The long-deleted collectible was eventually re-released by Anagram Records in 2006, including a previously unreleased Heart Attack. Highlights are Al Capone (Part 1), Jungle Rock, Women and Wine, 1-2-3 and the title track Hellraiser


Going Strong (1993)

After a line-up change that brought in Charlie Fallensteller from the Scum Rats, THE RADIACS released their second studio album on Dutch Tombstone Records in 1993. The majority of the thirteen tracks are fast rockin' stompers, all refined by tight rhythm section, catchy guitar solos, Dale Williams' distinctive lead vocals and an overall top-notch work from the production chair. Though arguably one of these discs that are enjoyed the most as complete listening, title track Going Strong, Indian Reservations, Cave Man, Let Him Rest and Fighting On The Beach shall be mentioned here as highlights.