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(added September 2008)



made by John McVicker


How old were you and who influenced you to pick up a guitar?

I was twelve years old and my dad made me take it up- thank f***  he was a big Shadows fan and loved Rock`nīRoll -he was my hero.


When did the Klingonz form and what made you move from Ireland to London?

Klingonz were formed 1984/85. I was playing double bass and Willo (of the Boneshakers) on guitar. Titch moved from to London first then asked me to move over to try something new on the Psychobilly scene.


Did all the band moved over together and how did you met Strangy ?

As above-Titch first, then me. Titch met Strangy at a festival in Belgium then we "forced" Mocker to move over!


After the second album Strangy left. Did you feel like splitting up the Klingonz?

Not really! Bands have arguments and shit happens. We just moved on and asked Eddie to play bass. A few years later, it all just fell back in place. Now we are one of few bands with its original line up!


Would you say that since the Klingonz "Up Uranus" album you seem a " bigger" name, band playing bigger gigs?

Not sure. After our first album, we played a festival in front of 4,000 people. Then the scene went down. We have played in Japan three times and America a far bit. I think after the last CD (Still Stompinī )we are doing more crossover festivals with Punk and Hardcore bands, which is cool.


Whatīs been your favourite project to work on and any regrets about leaving Demented Are Go! ?

No regrets about leaving Demented Are Go! and favourite project has been the Guitar Slingers stuff.


How did the Guitar Slingers project start?

I had the idea to do it as a lot of the songs I had written didnīt fit into the Klingonz or Celtic Bones style, so I decided to call a few mates and do a sort of solo project.


You have recently set up your own recording studios-Diablo Studios-. Any moans from the neighbours? Howīs it going?

F**k the neighbours!! Yoam, I wanted to see it up for years. Itīs only small but it does the job. I was fed up for useless sound engineers who havenīt a clue what they are doing. I built the studio my self. As I think after 20 years of playing I have a good idea what Rockabilly/ Punk / Psychobilly should sound like.


What do you on a day off? Has Strangy tattooed you yet?

I donīt get much time off as Iīm usual doing the above-Itīs my job. Iīve had three tatts by Strangy so far. Heīs getting really good. I think he will get a lot of work. I think he should have done it a long time ago, but I suppose when youīre in working bands its kinda hard.


Whatīs next for Doyley?

Well, itīs gonna be busy now on. Coming up is the new Guitar Slingers album out at x-mas. -Lots more guests-more of a Rockabilly style this time. A new Klingz album and DVD out in March 2009, a four track EP from the Celtic Bones, Strangīs solo country project and a Shakinī DTīs album. Plus loads of gigs and free tatts (hopefully!) from the Strang. Should be a good year!! Cheers and beers Doyley.