The Pharaohs

Vigilante (1987)

After a lineup change, THE PHARAOHS laid down four hi-quality songs for this Nervous Records release. Despite the use of an electric bass for this Psychobilly gem all of the tracks remain very rocking.  The cover of the 12´´ vinyl was designed by Torment drummer Kevin Haynes. The first song of each side from this long-deleted item is available on The Nervous 45rpm Collection CD Track list:: Vigilante-- Cleopatra // Your On Your Own (sic)-- Pharaohs To Cowboys.


Blue Egypt(1986)

Blue Egypt is the debut album from the Klub Foot regulars THE PHARAOHS, originally out on Nervous Records on 12´´ vinyl in1986. The Essex-based quartet created a typical mid-80s sound, allocated somewhere between up-tempo Neorockabilly and traditional Psychobilly, with decent influences of other rocking genres.  In spite of or more probably because of the fact that some of the tracks sound  some kind of chaotic in parts, the whole 12-track affair is very charming and refreshing. The platter was re-released with three bonus tracks from compilation albums on Crazy Love label in 2008. Highlights: Tomb Of The Dead (Panic At The Desk), Radar Love, Dead To The World and Killed Love (Alt. Version).


Hammer & Sickle Blues(1988)

This 12-track 12´´vinly is another great offering from the vaults of Nervous Records. THE PHARAOHS again recorded an excellent blend of something that is between uptempo Neorockabilly and a traditional Psychobilly. The tracks emerged from different sessions from the years 1983-1988. Hammer & Sickle Blues  is a very varied affair , both lyrical and musical and the tempo of the songs varies from the slow, cuddling 57 Chevy to the super fast Psycho Numbskull. Other highlights are the cover versions of Baby Let's Play House and Don´t Get Me Wrong plus the re-recording of Dead To The World.

London 1988(2000)

This is the great rockin´ 3rd album from the Brit-billies around front man Glenn Daeche. The album was recorded for Crazy Love and includes thirteen tracks. The new recruited lineup- including Caravans front man Mark Pennington on upright bass and ace drummer Ritchie Taylor - produce a melodic, catchy sound, making you disbelieve that THE PHARAOHS haven't released an album for about twelve years. Among the best songs are a new recorded version of the dance floor classic Turkey Dance and some cool cover versions like Iggy Pop's The Passenger or Roy Orbison´s Domino. Other highlights are Vincent Van Go Go and Worth Waitin´ For.