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(added June 2014)



 by John McVicker


Tell us a bit about yourself, where you grew up and about your childhood.

I'm was born grew up outside Stockholm, not too much to say, just a normal childhood with friends and family and the usual issues.


When did you first discover Psychobilly? What was the first band  you seen live?

I got in to rockabilly and punk in the late 70's, so when my brother came home with The Meteors 'In Heaven', it was kind of a match to everything I liked in one go, so I kind of got me going. Gigs in Sweden was always difficult since there was always a '18 year limit' for when bands played, so I missed Meteors, King Kurt and Guana Batz when they all played. There were a lot of music in Sweden at the time so I tried go and see all kinds of stuff, Punk and Oi!, Ska and the occasional Psychobilly and Rockabilly bands that played. But for foreign Psychobilly band, it would probably have been The Meteors.


What was your first band? Did you release anything?

The first band I played with were called "Hunchback Swines", we were just jamming and writing a few songs, we only played one gig, on the back of a lorry, we never got to record anything but they did record a video when we played, not sure on who's got that one still, but it was fun times indeed.


Didn't you play with Titch from the Klingonz in Miniskirt Blues? What was that like , how did the record sell and why did you split?

Yes, Miniskirt Blues played for a good seven years and we did have a great time. We played alot of gigs both in the UK and abroad, but after a few years it kind of just came to and end. No quarrels or anything, it just ran out in the sand more or less. We did record a 10" album, only 500 copies, I'm fairly sure there are some copies left at Jet's office.


How did Thee Creepfreaks come together?

It was just a spur of the moment thing, we sat and talked in the pub and just said let's do it. I think Anthony was the pushing force behind it since he plays bass and wanted to play in a band.


What was the best and worst gig so far?

Best gig is always the next one and the worse is always forgotten.


Who does your tattoos?

I've been around a while so there's a lot of people who I've had the chance to get tattooed from. In London I normally try to go and see Adam Collins or Xico at Forever More Tattoo.

When  is there going be a Creepfreaks release, CD or single?

Hopefully we'll have something out this year, probably not an album, but at least something. As we speak, Anthony is moving to Spain so we are looking for a new bass player to join us, so we'll see how long we have to wait for that so. But if it goes quick, I hope for a CD or 7" by the end of the year.


How did  you get the gig at the Psychobilly Meeting in Pineda?

They asked and we accepted.


What  do you guys do when you're not gigging and what does the future hold for Thee Creepfreaks?

What we do is our business, but we do work daily like everyone else. What the future holds I'm not too sure until we find a new bass player to join us, but hopefully more gigs both in the UK and abroad and a few album releases would be nice.