...It´s So Dark(1985)

This is the pretty rare 12´´ debut vinyl  from  Germany's pioneers the P.O.X. , which is the shortcut for Psychobilly Orchestra X out on Wahnsinn Record in early 1985. The five track affair, which was originally recorded within 5 1/2 hours in November 1984 is arguably the first contribution from a Kraut act to the upcoming Psychobilly boom of the 1980s. The display and sound of the release is very sombre and dark and avoids many classic genre stereotypes. The complete set was re-released on the Crazy Crazy Crazy compilation album in 1990. Track list: It´ So Dark--Psycho´s Mind//Rawhide--Sick Brains--Boppin´ The Blues.

Voodoo Power!(1986)

This mini album was originally out as 12´´ vinyl on KIX4U Records in 1986 and is the second offering from the Hanover-based Psychobilly trio. The long-deleted Voodoo Power! was eventually re-released on CD format by Maybe Crazy in 1993 and includes some previously unreleased demo material as well as Little Red Riding Hood, a song that was initially out on Psycho Attack Over Europe. The P.O.X. has been implementing their own idea of Psychobilly denying the necessity of a bass, adding a second electric guitar (which was not common use in the old days) and fierce vocals that leads to a very progressive and unique sound. Highlights: POX Trott, Nightmare Syndicate and the Be-Bop-A-Lula Devilsversion.