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(added September 2014)



 by John McVicker

Where are you  guys from and  how did you get together?

We all live in Leeds UK. I started recording demos on MySpace back in the day and did a few solo gigs, as time passed I figured stuff would sound better with a band. I have known Adam from years of playing roots,  blues music in Leeds bars and got him to play with me on what I thought would be a one off gig but have managed to keep him involved. Joe Love who plays on the new record was available when our long serving drummer Adam Savage (who plays on the Hail Hail EP) had a knee injury and Joe has stuck with us since then. 


Was anyone in any previous bands of note that released anything?

I played guitar in Aces & Eights who released an album on Raucous Records, Adam Richards is in a band called Spirit of John check them out. They have releases through Gin House Records


How would you describe your sound?

'Tex Mex Vampire Surf Punk' or something. We used to sound more Psycho, Rockabilly, now we're leaning towards the surf sound at the minute. Everything pretty much has to be minor chords. Live, we are concerned with attaining the right amount of looseness. Tight is good but nice and loose is what excites me when I go see other bands.


What's the line up?

Joe Love (Drums), Adam Richards ( Double Bass) and Nicolas Carew ( Guitar and Vocals).


What have you released so far?

The first release was a DIY 4-track that is no longer available, recorded by oldest buddy Tim Loud who also releases his own Folk, Punk music and is doing very ok for himself. Then we did a 4 track live session for Cannonball Radio, a Leeds project by local high profile guy George Riley. Our first 'proper' release was 'Hail Hail' on Savage Linwood Records and is still available. It just has 4 tracks and has a more Psychobilly, modern Punk feel to it. That was recorded by Ben Hannah who plays in Leeds bands Acid Drop and Nosebleed.

What was the first gig like?

I used to play a lot of solo gigs and I don't remember them cause I was drunk and it was a long time ago. I was probably very nervous and not very good. 

What's your favourite place to play so far and have you played outside the U.K?

The Brudenell Social Club in Leeds is renowned for its great PA, cheep beer and quirkiness, it is always fun to play there. But I also love the small scuzzy dive bars where the PAs are a bit shit and you can get sweaty and intimate. We are yet to play outside of the UK but hope to visit at least France and Germany real soon.


What are your favourite bands to watch and listen to live?

I saw Bloodshot Bill in Manchester a few years ago he was ridiculous. Heavy Trash were also playing that night and were awesome. I love a good one man band. Like Bob Log III who we played with last year. We supported the Meteors last month and that was a real drunken fun gig. Amazing Snakeheads who supported Jim Jones Revue played real good dirty rock and roll too.


Any funny on the stories you can share with us?

We always have fun on tour, there's a lot of jokes but you probably had to be there. I tend to say stupid shit when I'm drunk and feelin' chatty, come to a gig and you will see.


What do you wish for the future of the band?

After this release we are pretty much ready to record our next project, More of the same! We also wanna tour as much as possible. I wanna get some sax on the next record, and maybe play with some baritone tunings.