Meteor Madness(1981)

This is arguably the most wanted collectible item of Psychobilly vinyl. It´s the soundtrack to the short movie of the same name, that was produced in the winter of 1980 and -despite the fact that three METEORS tracks were already available on the Homegrown Rockabilly compilation album- arguably the first Psychobilly release ever. Originally released by ACE Records as a  four track 7´´ vinyl EP in early 1981, all four songs were re-released on the „The Meteors Meet Screaming Lord Such“ split12´´ later that year as well as on the Teenagers From Outer Space album in 1986. There are probably five different pressings in existence. Tracklist: Voodoo Rhythm--Maniac Rockers From Hell // My Daddy Is A Vampire--You Can´t Keep A Good Man Down.

Radioactive Kid(1981)

Second straight quintessential 7´´ vinyl release from the pioneers of Psychobilly. As it proved to be common use for the very earliest single releases of the band, one side belongs to song-writer, vocalist P Paul Fenech with the flip side belonging to Nigel Lewis´ composition(s). The pressing, that features two more killer tracks, was distributed by Chiswick Records another sub-label from ACE Records in the first half of 1981. Both tracks were re-released on Teenagers From Outer Space and on the Big Beat compilation album, entitled Single Minded. Tracklist: Radioactive Kid//Graveyard Stomp.

The Crazed(1981)

This is the only single outtake from the In Heaven album and the last official METEORS 7´´ vinyl that features both P. Paul Fenech and Nigel Lewis. The Lost Soul Record release  from 1981 contains another two Psychobilly anthems, both of them still fan favourites up to this day. The back sleeve of the cover showcases a picture of dance floor action and a "Dedicated To The Crazies" imprint. Tracklist: The Crazed//Attack Of The Zorchmen

Clapham South Escalators (1981)

Legendary side project of the original METEORS line-up. The session was taped after the recordings for the In Heaven album. Due to the contract situation of the band, the front sleeve shows The Meteors in disguise and alternative band name was taken. The 7´´ vinyl includes three tracks and was released by Upright Records back in 1981. The songs Leave Me Alone and Get Me To The World On Time were eventually chosen for the Teenagers From Outer Space compilation album. Collector's item! Tracklist: Leave Me Alone //Get Me To The World On Time-- Cardboard Cutouts.

Mutant Rock(1982)

This  two song 7´´ piece of vinyl  includes two of the very popular METEORS songs from that era. Both songs were originally taped during the last session featuring both Nigel Lewis and P Paul Fenech. After the split, the Nigel Lewis songs Another Half Hour Till Sunrise / Island Of Lost Souls were released under the name of Tall Boys, while the Fenech kept the METEORS banner and his songs made it on this platter, with the bass playing of Lewis was overdubbed by new bass player Mick White. Mutant Rock  was distributed again four years later, this time with two extra songs on 12´´ format. Mutant Rock--The Hills Have Eyes

Johnny Remember Me (1982) 


This is another popular 7" piece of vinyl, released on I.D. Records in 1982. The three-track offering, that was also out as picture disc features the 'Fenech / White / Meadham' line-up and Russell Jones on lead vocals on the Mick White song Fear Of The Dark. This is just another must-have! Track list: Johnny Remember Me // Wreckin' Crew-- Fear Of The Dark.

I'm Just A Dog (1984)

After another line-up reshuffle and a change of the record company, THE METEORS eventually released I'm Just A Dog on their own Mad Pig Records label to support the Stampede album. The session was recorded in spring 1984 and the single was out on 7´´ and 12´´ format , with the later featuring Hoover Rock as extra track . The single eventually peaked at # 3 of the UK Independent Chart and remained there for a astonishing four months. Tracklist: I'm Just A Dog // Electro.

Fire, Fire (1985)

This 7´´vinyl only single was distributed as a double A sided single by Mad Pig Records in May 1985. The AA side is the " psychobillied " tale of the Rock`n´ Roll standard Little Red Riding Hood, originally recorded by Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs back in 1966 . Both songs were also taken to back up the Stampede 12´´ EP  and are frequently in the band´s live set up to this day. Tracklist: Fire, Fire // Little Red Riding Hood.

Don't Touch The Bang Bang Fruit(1987)

This is another well-known METEORS single, dated back to their years with Anagram Records . Originally out on both 7´´ and 12´´ vinyl formats, Don´t Touch The Bang Bang Fruit supported the distribution of the same titled album.  Dateless Nites is a cover of the Allen Page 1950s Rockabilly standard. The 12´´ vinyl also includes the song Corpse Grinder. Tracklist: Don´t Touch The Bang Bang Fruit--Dateless Nites.

Somebody Put Something In My Drink (1988)

This is another popular Meteors EP, again released on the Anagram label. The three track 7´´  vinyl contains two of the most spectacular and best known Meteors cover versions: the title track and Bad Moon Rising plus a re-recording of Fire Fire. The line-up for these recordings features besides P Paul Fenech, Lee Brown on bass and Toby "Jug" Griffin on drums. Tracklist: Somebody Put Something In My Drink // Fire Fire-- Bad Moon Rising



In Heaven(1981)

This is without doubt the first Psychobilly long-playing record and the Psycho classic per se. THE METEORS were  in their original lineup, featuring P Paul Fenech, Nigel Lewis, who also shared song-writing and lead vocals credits and Mark Robertson. The album kicks off with the battle cry of the Crazies, shouting "In Heaven" from the Eraserhead movie, before the band breaks, after Nigel Lewis invitation to " Go Mental!" into the loony Shout So Loud . The typical Rockabilly lyrics have finally vanished without a trace and were replaced with stuff like: "Find a wall and bang my head then I’ll shout so loud I’m gonna wake up the d-e-a-d". This is definitely the first milestone in Psychobilly's history of albums. All tracks are well-known and true classics of the genre. Though its hard to pick any highlights, my firm favourites are  Shout So Loud, Attack of the Zorch Men, The Crazed, Maniac, Psycho for Your Love and The Room.

Wreckin' Crew(1983)

Wreckin' Crew  is just another Meteors milestone and is loaded with classic tracks and firm favourites. After the first big lineup reshuffle, that brought in Mick White and Ginger Meadham on electric bass and drums respectively, the second METEORS album was released by ID Records back in 1983 . The album became one of eventually two Psychobilly LPs that topped the UK Independent charts during the 1980s and also includes the big Indie hit single Johnny Remember Me. This is simply another album, that is must-have in any serious Psychobilly record collection. I Don't Worry About It – arguably  the most popular anthem about Psychobilly attitude- appeared on Wreckin' Crew for the first time. Other highlights are I Ain't Ready, Blue Sunshine, Wreckin' Crew and Insane.

Live (1983)

This is for sure another helluva record. This is not only the first METEORS live album, but also the first ever album, that captures the pull of a Psychobilly live show. The threesome rattled through a seventeen- track, no-nonsense set at the Nite Moves in Glasgow, loaded with pure, wild Psychobilly power and P Paul Fenech on top of his form. The album, which was originally distributed on the Wreckin´ Records and Dojo Records labels in 1983, was also re-released together with Live II on one CD, out on Raucous Records in 2002 . The best of the best are Maniac Rockers From Hell, Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down, Sick Things, I Don´t Worry About It and Mutant Rock.

Stampede! (1984)

This is the third METEORS studio album, originally released on 12´´ vinyl on P Paul Fenech´s new formed Mad Pig label. The METEORS front man took over all lead vocals duties and the full control from production chair for the very first time and was joined by Nev Hunt also known as The Spectre and Ian „Spider“ Cubitt on bass and drums respectively. The original vinyl release- that peaked # 6 in the UK Independent charts- contains 14 tracks, including the single outtakes I'm Just A Dog and Stampede. Other highlights are Hoover Rock, Electro, and Michael Myers.

Monkey's Breath(1985)

Monkey's Breath is the fourth Meteors studio album, if you turn a blind eye to the semi-bootleg Curse Of The Mutants compilation of METEORS tracks that was released the year before. Despite the fact that many of the songs are lesser known METEORS output, the twelve track affair rocks from start to end. Originally out on a 12´´ piece of vinyl, this album is also available as part of Anagram´ Psychobilly Collector's series, re-released together with "Stampede" on one CD back in 1989. Highlights are Alligator Man, Ain´t Gonna Bring Me Down, Just The Three Of Us and Meat Is Meat

Sewertime Blues (1986)

This is another classic collection of the METEORS material recorded and out in 1986. Sewertime Blues is the trio's first album with Anagram Records and was another massive Indie charts success. With the kings of Psychobilly unique blend of no-nonsense Rock´n ´ Roll, Punk attitude and Psycho madness, the disc remains a fan favourite up to this day. The album was re-released  on CD format twice, one time together with the  Don´t Touch The Bang Bang Fruit  on one CD and also with the addition of two rare bonus tracks. The platter  includes two splendid cover versions of Vibrate and Surf City. Other highlights are Mind Over Matter, Return Of The Ethel Merman and Never Get Away.

Live II - Horrible Music. For Horrible People, By This Horror-ble Band (1986)

This is the second live album from the Psychobilly originators. The long-playing record captures another great and powerful set, originally taped in 1985 and comprehends of twelve tracks including a bunch of rarer METEORS performances like the cover versions of Rock House or Jack Earls´ Rock Bop. The Dojo Records release again captures the inimitability and charisma of the band perfectly. Highlights are Mutant Rock, M.Myers, Voodoo Rhythm and Long Blonde Hair.

Teenagers From Outer Space(1986)


Teenagers From Outer Space  is some kind of a Best Of – album and features tracks from singles / EPs plus demos and two live tracks, broadcasted on French TV, all dated back to the Fenech / Lewis partnership from the years 1981/1982 including the complete Meteor Madness. The original 12´´ Big Beat release is packed in a gorgeous fold-out cover, that includes detailed liner notes and press reports from the early days. This is another quintessential record for anybody who's seriously interested in THE METEORS and Psychobilly. Highlights: Voodoo Rhythm, Maniac Rockers From Hell, Graveyard Stomp, Radioactive Kid and Blue Sunshine.

Don't Touch The Bang Bang Fruit(1987)

After recruiting former Flintstones, Coffin Nails drummer Toby Griffin and Arms Malone on electric bass, P Paul Fenech continued his vision of pure Psychobilly with another Anagram release,  Don´t Touch The Bang Bang Fruit . The 12´´ vinyl includes the two popular single outtakes Go Buddy Go and Don´t Touch The Bang Bang Fruit and ten more frantic stompers of Psychobilly mayhem, influenced by all kinda rocking music. The album is another excellent METEORS standard and definitely another classic of the genre. The re-release on the Psychobilly Collector's series includes four rare bonus tracks, previously only out on single releases from that era. Highlights: Wildkat Ways, Psycho Kat and You Crack Me Up.

Only The Meteors Are Pure Psychobilly (1988)

This is a brilliant and very entertaining collection of METEORS anthems from the years 1981-1988, that were all re-recorded by the 1988 Meteors lineup consisting of P Paul Fenech, Toby Griffin and ex-Pharaoh Lee Brown, for this fourteen-track Anagram release. The cover design gained fame with all the dead, buried (well-known ) bands left behind by the still galloping METEORS´ Mutant Monkey and Mad Pig, claiming the unwillingness of P Paul Fenech and the band to give off the role as the undisputed kings of Psychobilly. The best of the best are Voodoo Rhythm, Graveyard Stomp, Blue Sunshine, Michael Myers, Fire Fire and Surf City.

Undead, Unfriendly And Unstoppable. (1989) 

Undead, Unfriendly And Unstoppable. was the kings of Psychobilly 5th full-length platter for the Anagram label. The 12” vinyl features the P Paul Fenech, Mark Howe, Lee Brown lineup and includes a solid dozen of fan favourites, rockin’ rarities and cool cover versions. This album also eventually became the initial release of the label’s subsidiary Psychobilly Collectors Series. Highlights are Disneyland, My Kinda Rockin’, I Go To Bed (With The Undead), Surf Mad Pig and Please Don’t Touch.

Live III- Live Styles Of The Sick And Shameless (1989)

Another live album, another splendid snapshot of pure Psychobilly madness. THE METEORS steamroll over six classic cover versions and thirteen essential originals, without hardly giving the listener room to take a breather. No big show, without all the bells and whistles, this 12” vinyl offers just no-nonsense psychotic Rock’n’Roll and captures the onstage power of the trio perfectly. Personal favourites are Rattlesnakin’ Daddy, Maniac, Mind Over Matter, The Hills Have Eyes, Wreckin’ Crew and Rock Bop.

Madman Roll (1991)

This is another key METEORS album, originally recorded and released in 1991. It was the band's first output  on Sonovabitch Records and the sound and atmosphere is more weird and darker in comparison to the trio's Anagram years, marking another turning point in the history of the band. Despite the fact that P Paul Fenech & Co experiment with a new sound from a different angle, they never lose both Psycho and Billy. Awesome! Highlights: Madman Roll, You Can´t Touch Me, You´re Mine, Chainsaw Boogie and the brilliant cover versions of Bertha Lou and Paint It Black.

Live 4 - International Wreckers


This compilation of eighteen tracks gathers songs recorded illegally live at various gigs in different European countries. These tapes were eventually required by the band and released as the fourth official METEORS live album in 1992 “ a tribute to pure Psychos everywhere.” Another odd feature compared to more traditional live albums is that short audio streams of an interview were used as a bridge to the next 'gig'. A terrific selection of songs that includes both fan favourites and real (live) rarities clinches yet another classic album from the kings of Psychobilly. Mutant Rock, Swamp Thing, Alligator Man, Death Dance, Wrecking Crew, Rhythm Of The Bell, The Crazed and Mind Over Matter and many more highlights are included here.

No Surrender (1994)


Continuing their partnership with Count Orlock's sub-label, Sonovabitch were THE METEORS with No Surrender  in early 1994. The CD album contains an excellent package of twelve solid rockin' stompers, including METEORS classics like Hell Ain't Hot Enough and the title track No Surrender as well as rarer pure Psychobilly gems as are K Is For Chaos and Awake With The Wolf.  This is definitely a classic of its own. Besides the songs mentioned above, give Raging Thunder and Midnite Train a listen .

John Peel Sessions 1983-1985   (1999)

This fantastic album includes twelve tracks , all re-recorded on three different sessions for BBC  Indie radio's Indie guru John Peel in November 1983, June 1984 and October 1985 respectively. The long-deleted item saw the light of day on Raucous Records in 1999 and captures three variations of METEORS line-ups on top form. The well-chosen sets of own compositions and cover versions pinpoint the evolution of THE METEORS during this early stage in band history perfectly. Highlights: Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down, You Crack Me Up, Lonesome Train, Stampede, I'm Just A Dog and Maniac.

The Anagram Singles Collection (2001) 


This eighteen-track CD captures the complete A and B sides from the band's 7” releases on the Anagram label plus the three songs of their 12” only Please Don't Touch EP. The 20th instalment of The Psychobilly Collectors Series showcases THE METEORS' sound of the late 80's at its best and definitely is a solid investment for genre newbies, METEORS collectors and music lovers, who are not willing to pay the fair market value of the original vinyl. Highlights are hard to specify but The Edge, Wildkat Ways, Don't Touch The Bang Bang Fruit, Dateless Night, Fire Fire and My Kinda Rockin' are strong favourites of mine.

From Beyond (2003)

This is a very early METEORS live gig, originally recorded at Margate Winter Gardens on March, the 17th 1982. These awesome recordings is the oldest Psychobilly live audio stream that has seen the light of day so far. The sixteen-track Raucous Records release is without doubt a piece of Rock `n´ Roll / Psychobilly history. The wild, no-nonsense rockin´ set includes most of their very early classics and live favourites and showcases the lineup of P Paul Fenech , Nigel Lewis and Woodie on the top of their form. With all killer tracks it is hard to list any highlights, but Shout So Loud, Teenagers From Outer Space, Into The Darkness, Voodoo Rhythm, Another Half Hour Till Sunrise, The Hills Have Eyes, Love Me and Let It Slide would be my first choice .

The Lost Album(2004)

If you´ re interested in the roots and the development of Psychobilly music this is a definitely another must-have. The tracks are demo recordings of THE METEORS I lineup, originally taped to secure a record deal with EMI Records, dated back to 1980 (Pre-"In Heaven"). The Raucous Records CD includes sixteen songs, all based on a solid Rockabilly fundament , but already proves that the Lewis / Fenech partnership was about to create something completely beyond the Rockabilly stereotypes  . This historic session is the earliest METEORS / Psychobilly stuff available to this day. Highlights: I Don't Worry About It, Psycho For Your Love, The Room, Red Headed Woman and Crazy Crazy Lovin'.

Doing The Lord's Work (2012)


Still Doing The Lord's Work are THE M3T3ORS thirty-something years after their initial releases changed the history of Rock'n'Roll for ever and a day and their 2012 offering is yet another instant classic loaded with soon-to-be fan favourites and future anthems of the genre. Sixteen tracks of pure Psychobilly plus a hidden re-recording of their classic No Surrender leave no doubt that P Paul Fenech & Co. remain on top of the game and are the genre's #1. Songs like My Psychobilly Syndrome, My Life For Thee, Strange Times Are Coming, Girl Meat Fever, Don't Blame Me or Fuck Your World all feel like vintage M3T3ORS material and make this P.L.Y. release a no-brainer.