With Their Amazing First Album (2011)

Formed by former Stressor guitar ace Taras a.k.a. Mr. Drybones straight after he left his previous band, THE MAGNETIX didn't waste any time to make a name for themselves. The Russian three-piece nailed an old-school type masterpiece With Their Amazing First Album. The eleven-track package recreates a true mid-eighties feel with distortion-free guitar twangs, traditional arrangements, breaks, screams and a fat, walking slapping bass. This debut album was released by Crazy Love Records on 12" vinyl as well as compact disc format. Highlights are 10 Bones Skeleton Rock, Planet Zero, Creature From Outer Space, Robocop and Plastic And Concrete.

Boo-Bop-A-Boo (2011)

From first guitar go, these Sputni-kats make sure that didn't intend to reinvent neither the wheel nor Psychobilly as a genre when they were booked into the studio in January 2011. These guys just created a full-blown Rockabilly frenzy that was most popular during the mid-eighties heyday of the genre. Saying all that THE MAGNETIX are far more than Batmobile copy-cat or an 80's Psychobilly cover band and the second album teems with cool compositions, infectious enthusiasm and healthy variations of speeds and themes. The album kicks off with the wild, soon-to-be band anthem It's Magnetic Me and the rockin' doesn't stop until final touches of their tribute-ish cover of the Rochee & The Sarnos rarity Woman Eater are given. Though fillers are indistinguishable, other highlights include the wild stomping Caveman Beat, the furious re-recording of Stressor holdover Asteroid Rock, the catchy Squarehead, future dance floor filling instrumental Out-Of-Space Theme and the wild boppin' Tastes Like a Martian. Strong buy for everyone who is into traditional Psychobilly sounds and wild Neorockabilly craziness.