Mad Sin

Chills And Thrills In A Drama Of Mad Sin And Mystery(1988)

After being hardly a year in existence MAD SIN debuted as a three peace band with frontman Koefte DeVille on stand-up drums and vocals back in 1988 . "Chills & Thrills..." didnīt miss many 1980īs Psychobilly record collections, and marks the kick-off for what was to be one of the most successful stories in the history of the genre.  Despite the fact, that the twelve track Maybe Crazy 12īī vinyl remains within a classic Psychobilly sound, the tempo and themes of majority of the songs donīt keep the secret that the Berlin-based trio was looking forward to a more punk styled variation of Psychobilly music. Highlights: Acid Train, Straight To Hell, 2-3-4 and Whirl Girl.

Distorted Dimensions (1990)

This is the second album from the Germany biggest Psychobilly export, again out on Maybe Crazy Records. The theme and sounds of the twelve songs succeed to their debut album with up-tempo, rocking wildness, raw but tight sound and pushing Psychobilly madness, all backed by a a furious stomping beat. Highlights: Wicked Witch, Indestructible Man, Hammer Beatin' Boogie and Mad Man Rock.

A Ticket Into Underworld(1993)

After a lineup reshuffle earlier that year that brought in Rob Raw for slap bass duties, Berlin-based MAD SIN released their 5th studio album, A Ticket Into Underworld, in 1993 . Despite the  increasing number of  Punk influences and the heavy distorted guitar sound, this twelve-track piece of vinyl still offers a lotta good rockin'. The album was also released on compact disc format. Highlights are Meattrain At MidnightHell-A-Vision Shock, What's Behind?, Real Wild Child and Shabby Daddy.