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(added May 2014)



 by John McVicker


Where and when were you born and brought up?

I was born near Heathrow airport in 1988 and grew up in a little place called Stanwell until I moved into London and was hanging around Camden since I was about 11.


How old were you when you were first interested in music ?

I got into rock'n'roll when I was about nine as my mum used to take me to gigs in Hillingdon and a festival/car show called 'The Americana' in Nottingham and I loved it.


When did you  first pick up a double bass and what was your first one like?

I saw a band called the Hicksville Bombers when I was about nine and the guy on bass Pete just made me want to play it. I was itching to play for years until I got Choppy from the Caravans to give me a few lessons when I was 12. I still have my first bass it's the one I used in THE GRIT with the leopard trimmings.


Tell us about your first  band. Are there any recordings?

The first band I played with was the Camden Cats who I still play with now and we have an album called 'Get Up'

How did you get the job with THE GRIT?

I got the job with the grit through people we both knew and they were looking for a bass player and I kept coming up so they got my number and the rest was history.


What were the highs and lows being in THE GRIT?

The highs were high and the lows were low.

What's your favourite album , recording?

Best recording ever is 'Bassoligy' by Willie Dixon (he is the man !)


What's your favourite country to play ?

I don't really have a favourite I just like to play anywhere. 


You're now in psycho legends KING KURT. How did you get the job and how is Smeg these days? It's about 20 years since KING KURT  released  some new material. Any plans?

I've known Smeg for years and they needed a bass player last min so I stood in and been playing with them since the end of last year. Smeg says he's good thanks for asking. And regards to an album what do I know I'm just the bass player. 


What does the future hold for you. Do KING KURT have many gigs lined up? Are you playing in Brazil soon and what else are you up to. Has Vince Ray painted anymore of your basses?

The gigs are coming in nicely just got back from Brazil with them and going to the States in June and also playing in Spain, just need to get some more U.K. dates, but keep an eye on facebook they will be put on there probably before I know.  I'm still playing in the Camden Cats and hope that Banjoey Ramone will get some more gigs. And when I can afford a new one if anyone is gonna paint it it'll be Vince Ray.