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(added May 2009)



 by John McVicker


What's the latest on the Rock-It Dogs?

The latest with the Dogs is the lineup is me and Scott "Madman" Milsom from the Coffin Nails on slap bass. No full time drummer yet, but Joe from the Graveyard Johnnys has played a few shows with us and the new album has Bob Kilminster on drums which we hope to record in May 2009.


Didn't you record some stuff with a different lineup to the first album at Western Star? What happened to those tracks?

I always enjoy working with Alan Wilson, he's a good friend as well a top-notch producer/ engineer. He's always open to your input, unlike other studios I've recorded at in the past.


Were you pleased with the sound on your first album Chills, Thrills And Blood Spills released in 2006?

That was recorded on really tight budget and limited time. But thanks to Alan Wilson being so slick and professional the result sounds great. On the next album we're going for a much bigger sound !


How did you end up joining the Coffin Nails?

I joined the Coffin Nails in December 2008, because their old drummer Clive couldn't do a gig on short notice. I said I would step in to help. I was worried but we did a couple of rehearsals and the gig went fine. It worked out well and we gelled as a unit so they asked me to join! On the latest Coffin Nails CD The Dead Don't Get Older, I only play on three tracks as most of it was already recorded with Clive on drums. I think the whole album is great.


Favourite place to play?

Germany, the promoters take better care of bands and the crowds are great.


Any funny band stories to tell?

I could, but it would get us all in serious trouble! Safe to say there's quite often some drunken nakedness and debauchery.


 Do you make your living as a tattoo artist and musician?

At the moment I'm working in a pub to pay the rent, since moving to Bristol. Last year I haven't really done any tattooing, it's hard to get back into when you have been out of it for a bit. I wish I could make any living from playing music and not work some shitty job. Who knows one day hopefully I could.


What does the future hold?

Good question, who knows? Mega stardom I hope, more hard work... record the new RID album and get that released, tour and gig to promote that as much as possible. More shows with the Coffin Nails, do a few festivals. we're heading back to Europe towards the end of the year for another short tour and there's talk of going out to the States for a few shows which could be cool !