My Generation(1988)

This is THE KREWMENís first offering after Mark Coleís departure. The four-track 12Ē vinyl EP released by Lost Moments includes two cover versions and a newly recorded version of Night Of The Living Dead, that was originally out on The Adventures Of The Krewmen. Track list: My Generation -- Night Of The Living Dead /// Beat The Devil -- Long Legged Girl. 

Do You Wanna Touch(1988)

This is the second straight 12Ē EP from the reformed U.K. Psychobilly outfit. It includes two cover versions and two tracks penned by Tony McMillan. Despite the fact that the guitar sound and rhythm section became a little bit heavier, the structure of the songs remain very similar to the band's first  trio of albums and have a very traditional Psychobilly feel. Track list: Do You Wanna Touch -- Legend Of The Piper /// Nightmare Man Ė Steppiní Stone.


The Adventures Of The Krewmen (1986)

The Adventures Of The Krewmen is one of the most outstanding Psychobilly releases of all time. The Lost Moment long-playing record maybe doesn't offer any new elements, but brings the old school Psychobilly sound into perfection. Great sound, well-written songs, excellent musicianship and the incomparable voice of Mark Cole create a ten-track classic with no weak songs. The excellent sleeve design, with little hand-crafted, comics depicting each song is just an exciting plus. The best of the best are The Bug Of Planet Zee, Nightshift Blues, Guy Fawkes, Bus Stop, Donít Give A Toss and The Hell Train

Sweet Dreams (1987)

The second straight excellent album from THE KREWMEN. The unique voice of Mark Cole and McMillan's superb guitar play and song-writing abilities make Sweet Dreams another true classic of the genre. The whole affair is a little bit darker compared to their debut album, but the 12Ē vinyl release again offers strong songs, all captured by the great 1986/87 lineup of the band. Sweet Dreams and The Adventures Of The Krewmen were re-released together on one CD back in 1995. Highlights: Youíve Got It, Sweet Dreams, El Toreador, Snake Man and You Lied.

Into The Tomb(1987)

Into The Tomb is the third straight must-have release from THE KREWMEN, all three albums recorded in less than eighteen months. The essential long-playing record was also out on 12Ē vinyl on the Lost Moment Records label, but also marks a big turning point in the history of the band as it features Mark 'Mad Dog'Cole on vocals for the last time. This album includes another ten great tracks including a handful of Psychobilly classics, most of all a superb version of the Clashís Should I Stay Or Should I Go (which was the jump-start for a dozen or so other Psychobilly bands to cover that song, too). Other highlights are Let Loose, Public Enemy Number One, Curse Of The Pharaohs, Iím Not Dead and Swamp Club Ball.

Plague Of The Dead(1988)

This is the first KREWMEN album to be recorded after Mark Coleís departure. Plague Of The Dead is loaded with some cool cover versions and vintage Psychobilly originals, backed by a genre-typical late 80ís sound and nice horror-themed  lyrics. The sound still is a little bit reminiscent of Into The Tomb, though Mark Coleís unique voice canít be completely compensated for. Besides the excellent cover versions of Stepping Stone and My Generation, my personal favourites are The Clock, I Canít Stop and Legend Of The Piper .

Curse Of The Graveyard Demon (1988)

This is a 'best of ' THE KREWMEN format, that was manufactured and distributed by Scyclad Records for the US market only. All twelve tracks originally appeared on previously issued KREWMEN records and are one-to-one outtakes from their original albums. Interestingly, Mad Dog Cole does not appear on the song-writer credits and isnít even mentioned as vocalist, despite the fact that he is the lead singer on the majority of the tracks. Anyway, this is a nice album for taking a first look and listen to the band. Highlights are The Clock, The Hell Train, Let Loose, Wild Dogs Of Zoberon and El Toreador.

Power (1990)

The 5th studio album from THE KREWMEN was released again on Lost Moment Records and sees the band straying further away from a traditional Psychobilly sound with an ever-present heavily distorted guitar sound and an increasing numbers of influences from Metal and Rock. The album was eventually re-mixed and re-released on both vinyl and CD format with an official note on the label of the disc. Miranda, Stone and Back To The Ball, a sequel to the track Swamp Club Ball from their Into The Tomb album are the best songs from this offering.