King Kurt

Zulu Beat(1982)

Zulu Beat is the essential debut release that definitely started the legend of Kurt The Rat. The highly collectible item was out on 7创 and 12 创 formats with a bunch of variations of multi-coloured vinyl  and different coloured sleeves, the first pressing even painted by the band themselves. The smaller piece of vinyl was backed with Rockin Kurt whilst the maxi single offers three live recordings including the band磗 original voice Jef Harvey. Track list: Zulu Beat //Rockin Kurt-- Ghost Riders In The Sky--Oedipus Rex.

Destination Zululand(1983)

After signing with Stiff Records KING KURT released their second offering back in 1983. Again out on both  12创  vinyl as well as on classic  two track 7创 format , excluding the special mix of Destination Zululand, the platter was highly supported by the promotion of the new major record label and even a video clip was made. The disc eventually hit the Top 40 of The UK Pop Chart and even resulted into a performance of the band on Top Of The Pops, what was arguably the most popular music event in British television back then. Track list: Destination Zululand (Special Mix) // Destination Zululand-- She磗 As Hairy.

Mack The Knife(1984)

Another pretty popular single release from KING KURT磗 active years with Stiff Records. The title track is a great Psychobilly adaptation of Bertolt Brecht磗 famous ballad from the Three Penny Opera . The single was distributed on both formats as 7创 and 12创 vinyl. Both tracks are remixes from the band磗 debut album Ooh Wallahwallah. Tracklist: Mack The Knife //  WreckA Party Rock.

Road to Rack` n Ruin(1985)

Road To Rack` n Ruin was another Top 100 BBC Pop Chart buster for the band and the title track eventually reappeared on the Big Cock album about a year later. Arguably not their best  or most popular tracks, but definitely another collector's item not for the members of the " Rat & Rodent Club" . Track list: Road To Rack` n 碦uin //Poppa Wobbler


This is the two track single release from 1985,backed with a studio cut of Back On The Dole. The 12创 four song offering , which also has a different sleeve design, includes as bonus tracks a live recording of  Back To The Dole and their drinking anthem Alcoholic Rat.  Tracklist: Billy--Back On The Dole.


Ooh Wallahwallah (1983)

This is the first long-playing record of KING KURT, originally released on 12创 vinyl format by Stiff Records back in 1983. The album was produced by Dave Edmunds , includes twelve killer tracks and is another quintessential release from the early history of Psychobilly. The sextet created a  real unique sound that brings you some hundreds hours of fun, if you don t play it at your own party! "Ooh Wallahwallah " represents the other side of Psychobilly: electric bass, saxophone, pure excitement and fun. The highlights are Gather Your Limbs, Zulu Beat, Do The Rat , Destination Zululand and Wreck-A-Party Rock.

Big Cock(1986)

"Big Cock" is another classic from one of the most successful Psychobilly bands all-time. Like the forerunner this album is packed with umpteen of KING KURT anthems and fan favorites. The fantastic voice of Gary "The Smeg" Cayton combined with the typical KING KURT sound of saxophone, high-octane Rock'n'Roll, excellent musicianship and pure party atmosphere make this one another stand-out record. Despite being banned from several record shop owners, who were aware to avoid requests for "KING KURT磗 Big Cock", the album was a massive hit in the UK Album Chart and even reached the Top 50 back in 1986. Highlights: Billy, Road To Rack`n碦uin, Momma Kurt ,Horatio and Alcoholic Rat.

Last Will And Testicle (1988)

This is some sort of farewell album from KING KURT, which was available in the record shops shortly after the band磗 first split back in 1988. The 12创 vinyl which was distributed by the Great Western Records label spots a dozen of the band磗 output from the years 1981-1988. The fantastic, awesome record sleeve drawing was again designed by the band磗 member Maggot. The highlight tracks on this kind of  "Best of compilation are Destination Zululand, Zulu Beat, Wreck-A-Party Rock, Banana Banana and Billy.

Live And Rockin (1989)

Despite having released a few live tracks on EPs and even a VHS video from a King Kurt gig was available, no live album from one of the scene磗 most popular crowd pleasers has seen the light of day during the band磗 first life. The twelve track album was originally out on Link Records "Live And Rockin" series, which磗 best known for its poor quality and bootleg atmosphere, features the audio stream of a show from the bands mid-80s line-up . The live set was eventually re-released with three extra songs on CD format back in 1991. Highlights: She磗 As Hairy, Billy, Banana Banana, Lonesome Train and Horatio.

Destination Demoland (1990)

This is a twelve track compilation of demo cuts, originally released on Link Records back in 1990. The album was distributed nearly three years after the band磗 first split. Destination Demoland is a solid album, again packed in a sleeve design with an excellent artwork of a drawing , but not quite as spectacular as their official albums and single releases. The 12创 vinyl was finally re-released with the Live &Rockin album, this time entitled Destination Zulu Land. Highlights: 67 Heaven, Stomp, Momma Kurt, Zulu Joe and their unforgettable interpretation of Bye Bye Baby.

Poor Man磗 Dream (1994)

The legend of Kurt The Rat and his mates  continued from 1992-1996 and the band released another studio album, this time on Demon Records in 1994. Many of the fourteen tracks have got some straight Country / Western roots in it, but they were all refined with the band磗  usual blend of Rock'n'Roll , Punk attitude and humour, simply great stuff. Highlights: Train Kept-A- Rollin, Too Much Of A Good Thing, Friends, Hey Mister Bartender and Howdy- We磖e Your Neighbours!.