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(added March2011)



 by John McVicker


Who are you, where are you based and what do you do for living ?

Yes I am Joel. I am the new bass player and now manager for Skitzo. Myself, Phil (Connor) and Rod (Connor)all live in Ramsgate, Kent and our guitarist Mac (Anthony McVay ) lives in London. Phil and Rod are decorators by trade, Mac is a London black cab driver and I am a widow single dad with a  22 month old son.


How did you get the job as bass player of Skitzo? Do you play electric or slap bass?

Well I've been the best of friends with Phil , Rod and Mac for twenty years now. Mac was even my best man when I got married. We're more family than friends.
Well as for job as bass player, I done a band with Phil and Rod a couple of years back and we did record a lot of stuff but that was actually more so for Phil's son Jake. Before that I played in a Rock'n'Roll  band but to be honest I couldn't play bass really then just stood in to earn beer money but that taught me how to playin' the end. But Skitzo is some thing special. For Skitzo I am now playing a violin bass guitar and not a double bass for many reasons. Firstly is for a new sound we feel it is a more driving feel to the songs. Now I do play it in the style of a double bass but with a plectrum I guess you will have to come see us to understand .


How are the rest? Phil ,Rod and Mac what are they up to and are they up for this comeback? What ever happened to ex-Skitzo member Moses?

I guess Moses just drifted away an out of touch with Phil so ?? and now with Mac back on guitar Phil ,Rod and me its a very close band with a great understanding. I guess because were like a family it makes it so great that Skitzo are back. To me Phil is Skitzo, his voice is Skitzo but Mac's guitaring is fantastic. He puts a lot of heart into music.


Were you a fan of Skitzo ? Did you buy their records see them live?

Yes I've always been a fan of Skitzo and even my own mother helped me paint Skitzo on my black bedroom wall when I was like 11 or 12 living in Falmouth in Cornwall back then.
And yes I have all the Skitzo records etc. of course I do  and yes I think I got to see Skitzo live about 5 times only .


How's the recording of the new CD going? Any release date and do you have a label yet?

We had planned the new Skitzo album to be released by now but due to my personal life problems we  are working on gigging first then album in between we have already recorded some songs a demo of one off the new album is on the compilation CD for the Psychomania festival fanzine due out now . The song is called The Devil's Game.


Any release date and do you have a label yet?

So no date yet for the album and were doing it ourselves for the time being no label as yet . All the songs are done we even have a few songs wrote for another album also after .


What gigs have you got lined up so far?

Our first gig is on the 2nd of April 2011 at Gulliver's in Manchester with the Hyperjax and Those Bloody Snakes. Then we play London at the Klub Foot Reunion with Frenzy and more t.b.c  .That's at the Relentless Garage Holloway road Highbury corner.
Then we are of to Spain in July for the Pineda festival . And after that I'd like us to go to Holland and France and Belgium and back to Germany and maybe one or two more in England.  But that is all up to the venues etc. booking us I guess if any one is interested in Skitzo than you can at   J.p.spiers@live.co.uk


What does the future hold for Skitzo?

So there is a long future for Skitzo this time round . the singer Phil is really keen to play more gigs for all those that have enjoyed his songs for all these years and were all looking forward to playing lots and playing our new tunes at all the gigs coming up .