Long Tall Texans

Saints And Sinners (1987)

This is another four track 12´´ EP standard. The vinyl contains a very representative compilation of TEXANS´ songs from late 1987, including Poison from their debut album "Sodbusters" and the Who´s Sorry Now, which eventually made it on the Stomping At The Klub Foot video series release. Track list: Saints And Sinners-- Right First Time // Poison-- Who´s Sorry Now.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go(1988)

This is a  two song 7´´ vinyl from Razor Records, obviously issued to support the Los Me Boleros mini album release. The single offers their well-known cover version of the Clash's  classic, backed with two spectacular Klub Foot recordings of the title track and their early fan favorite and dance floor filler Indians respectively. Track list: Should I Stay Or Should I Go// Should I Stay Or Should I Go (live) -- Indians (live).

Get Back, Wetback (1988)

The Get Back, Wetback single was- others than the two previously released EPs- distributed on both 7´´ and 12´´ formats. The 12´´ vinyl features a more than six  minutes running offering of the title track, that isn´t available elsewhere.  Track list: Get Back, Wetback (Alamo Mix)-- Get Back, Wetback (Rio Grande Mix) // Something's Cookin´-- Get Your Teeth Out Of My Jugular.


After some appearances on a couple of Various Artists compilation albums, the first long-playing record from the Birmingham-based Psychobilly trio was circulated by Razor Records in 1987. Despite the lack of the band´s live magic and many of the twelve songs coming from a more straight Rockabilly background like their cover versions of My Babe and Long Tall Texan, the twelve song affair pleases with a hard to beat tight sound and excellent musicianship, including Mark Carew´s slap bass skills. Highlights are Get Up And Go, Mad About You , Poison and Rockin´Crazy.

Los Me Boleros (1988)

Though always better known for their live shows, the LONG TALL TEXANS eventually prove with that fantastic six track mini album that they are able to transfer the power from the sheer excitement of their gigs into a studio masterpiece. Loaded with pure energy, raw rocking and stomping sounds, Los Me Boleros offers all catchy tunes and hours of fun. Highlights: Gotta Go, Indians, Texas Beat and Off My Mind.

Five Beans In The Wheel(1989)

This is a real classic of a live album. Though it looks like mission impossible to get a show of one of the scene´s best crowd entertainers on a 12´´ piece of vinyl, these recordings come darn near close. The platter features all of the band´s early classics and gives you a decent idea of how the LONG TALL TEXANS were performing live at their peak. Highlights: Don´t I Know It, Bloody, Get Back Wetback, Indians, Right First Time and Should I Stay Or Should I Go.


This is the third long-playing record from the U.K. Psychobilly trio, originally out again on Razor Records back in 1989. It features some of eventually soon to be classics and is without doubt packed with the LONG TALL TEXANS´ unique mixture of wild rockin´ Neorockabilly, clever song-writing and pure fun. The 12´´ vinyl also features a new version of their 1988 single release Get Back, Wetback and  a stunning cover of an obscure Golinski Brothers Punk / Ska song entitled Bloody. Other highlights are Don´t I Know It, Cairo and Bloody

Singing To The Moon(1991)

"Singing To The Moon" was the last album that features original guitarist and song-writer Mark Denman. The lads again manufactured another unique mix of Rockabilly, Psychobilly and Ska through the whole fifteen track affair . Maybe caused by a lack of full-throttle stompers and unexpected sound arrangements  Singing To The Moon  isn´t love at the first listen, but the songs really grow on with time and is definitely another good investment for your record collection. Highlights: Singing To The Moon, Suicide At The Seaside and Klub Foot Shuffle.

Ballroom Blitz(2001)

This album features the unreleased Northwood EP & previously unissued demo session tapings. All of the eleven tracks are original recordings from the years 1985 and 1986 respectively, including two different versions of Ballroom Blitz. This album is essential for the huge Long Tall Texans following at least and gives you an inside look on the band´s early back catalogue of rockin´ frenzy. Seven of the eleven songs feature original band member and drummer Bill Clifford, Highlights: Indians, Texas Beat, Rockin' Crazy and Get Up & Go.

Story ( 2003)


The Long Tall Texans Story was released as part of the Cherry Red's Psychobilly Collector's Series in 2003 and comprises forty tracks of their recording career. The double CD offering not only includes all the fan favourites and Psychobilly classics by the Brighton-based Billies but also about a handful of rarer stuff that has been out on singles and compilation albums over the years. A fold-out booklet with a well-written story of the LONG TALL TEXANS complete the package for good. This double album is best enjoyed as a complete listening but I would like to mention that it holds Non Stop Lovin', Poison, Right First Time, Indians, Get Back Wetback, Cairo, No Tomorrow, two different versions of Bloody, Notice Me and Innocent Look in store.

The Adventures Of The Long Tall Texans(2005)

More than ten years after their last regular release Aces & Eights, the new adventures of the Long Tall Texans are finally available. The CD is solid rocking album with a LONG TALL TEXANS typical blend of different musical styles, slap bass driven sound, well-crafted songs and pure excitement. The reshuffled  line-up, that includes two guitarists, generated another twelve catchy songs, including a new recorded take of I´ve Seen Her ,which was original out on the Rockin It Up compilation album. Other highlights are Dayz Of Having Fun, Get Your Feet Outta My Shoes and It Really Doesn´t Bother Me.