Guana Batz

You´re So Fine (1983)

You´re So Fine is another legendary Big Beat 7´´ vinyl EP . The Guana Batz were at their very beginning and feature ex- Meteors  Mick White on the electric bass. Their debut offering flirted with the UK Independent Chart for twelve weeks at the turn of the years 1983/84 and contains four killer tunes. Track list: You´re So Fine--Rockin´ In My Coffin // Jungle Rumble--Guana Rock.

The Cave(1984)

This is the second 7´´ vinyl release from the Feltham-based Psychobilly quartet, again out on  Big Beat Records. Both tracks on the single are pretty good samples of early 1980s Psychobilly sound with its decent Garage Punk influences and horror movie swayed lyrics. Werewolf Blues was also taken for the second volume of the Blood On The Cats compilation album series Revenge Of The Killer Pussies. Track list: The Cave--Werewolf Blues.

Seetrough (1986)

This is another big  hit for the Guana Batz and reached the Top 5 of the UK Independent Chart in March 1986.. The three songs EP was only available on 12´´ vinyl format, distributed by ID Records. The Batman theme is a live version, recorded back in 1985. Track list: Seetrough// Batman-- B Side Blues.

I´m On Fire(1986)

This is arguably one of the best selling Psychobilly singles ever and was released as a traditional two track 7´´ as well as a 12´´ maxi single with a bonus track.. The title track is a Rockabilly cover version of the very popular Bruce Springsteen song. The brilliant Tiny Minds is a wild rocking, up-tempo stomper that was eventually re-recorded as a slow, bluesy track for the Loan Sharks album later that year. Track list: I´m On Fire--Tiny Minds--Baby Blue Eyes.

Loan Shark(1986)

Loan Shark is another classic Guana Batz 7´´ single, dated back to 1986 to support the album release of Loan Sharks.. Both songs are one-to-one extractions from their second studio album with the title track a sure fan favourite and being part and parcel of their live set up to these days. Track list: Loan Shark--Radio Sweetheart.



Held Down To Vinyl...At Last! (1985)

This is the legendary debut album from the Guana Batz , originally out as 12´´ vinyl on I.D. Records back in the summer of 1985. After the line-up change the year before that brought in a slap bass, clobbered by former Ricochet Sam Sardi , the revamped quartet finally laid down ten furious stompers in the studio. A great variation of themes and tempos, tight sound and well composed songs and no tracks to skip mark this true classic of the genre. "Held Down ...At Last! " eventually topped the UK Independent Chart , a feat that was otherwise only achieved by The Meteors in Psychobilly history and cemented the Batz´ reputation as a premier force of the rocking underground.  Highlights: Down The Line, Can't Take The Pressure, King Rat and Nightmare Fantasy.

Loan Sharks(1986)

"Loan Sharks" was another solid commercial success for the Guana Batz and the album also reached the Top 3 of the UK Independent Chart. Very similar to the sounds and themes of the predecessor, the album creates a varied affair of well rocking beats, lyrics behind the horror movie stereotype and songs to breathe. Although the I.D. Records offering is loaded with covers versions, the most popular tunes remain Loan Shark and Pile Driver Boogie, that both were taken for the Magnificent Seven compilation album too. Other highlights are Slippin' In, Live For The Day and No Particular Place To Go.

Live Over London (1987) 

This is simply another essential live recording from the heyday of Psychobilly and captures one of the scene's best and most popular live bands at the former Psychobilly headquarters, generally known as the Klub Foot, in March 1987. The set offers a vintage GUANA BATZ set from that era, with the foursome battling their way through some popular cover versions and classic originals. The album was originally released as a fourteen-track 12” piece of vinyl on I.D. Records, but also available as multicoloured platter with three bonus tracks on Rough Trade label. My favourite songs are Can't Take The Pressure, Rockin' In the Graveyard, Live For The Day, Loan Sharks, Dynamite and King Rat.


Rough Edges(1988)

Rough Edges is the 3rd studio long-playing record from the Guana Batz, originally out on 12´´ vinyl in 1988. The album was not only the band´s last output with I.D. Records, but also would mark the last time that a Guana Batz studio line-up features Dave "Diddle" Turner on the drum kit. Despite most of the songs are drifting to a more Neorockabilly direction, front man Pip Hancox and mates are still able to hold a candle to other releases from that era. The record was original pressed on red vinyl. Among the highlights are a fast cover version of Buddy Holly´s Rocking Around With Ollie Vee, Open Your Mouth, Fight Back and Bring My Cadillac Back.

Electra Glide In Blue (1990)

The GUANA BATZ’ fourth studio album marks a major turning point in the history of the band for many reasons. Former Get Smart Johnny Bowler had taken over the bang, bang duties from “Diddle” Turner, it was the first long-playing record not released on the I.D. label and, last but not least, many songs tend to drift away a bit from the straight Neo-and Psychobilly sound the Feltham-based quartet is known for. The twelve-track World Service record, out on 12” vinyl as well as CD, excels with a huge arsenal of musical influences, well-written originals and great musicianship anyhow. My personal favourite tracks are, besides the title tune Electra Glide In Blue which was also out as an EP, Texas Eyes, Wonderous Place and Take A Rocket.

The Peel Sessions (1998)

This is a brilliant collection of Guana Batz songs, that were all recorded during sessions for Radio One´s John Peel Show in 1984 and 1985. The first half of the songs were performed with electric bass player Mick White, the rest of the set feature the classic " Held Down... At Last" line-up including Sam Sardi on the doghouse bass. The CD includes sixteen wild rocking slices of classic Psychobilly, an arresting collection of best known cover versions and some of the band´s early classics, that frequently outdo their namesakes on the official releases. Highlights: King Rat, Zombie Walk, No Particular Place To Go, Rockin´ In My Coffin and  Nightwatch.