Do The Hucklebuck (1988)

This is the excellent four-track debut 7'' EP by The Griswalds, released on Raucous Records. The session was recorded with a stand-in bass guitar player (donīt be fooled by the sleeve photo!) as the bandīs original bass player Clive Howling departed prior to the recording sessions. All four tracks are also available on the CD re-release of Who Framed The Griswalds? . Track list: Do The Hucklebuck--  Sweeney Todd  // Cry Baby Blues-- Robbie Robot.


Who Framed The Griswalds?(1989)

This has been the lone long-playing record from The Griswalds for more than two decades. Catchy sound, good ideas and fun-loaded lyrics back this solid album that debuted on Nervous Records in 1989. This one gets an extra 'double bass' for the pretty cool sleeve design and being an 'ozone friendly record'. Who Framed The Griswalds was to be re-released on CD format and picture disc as well. The album includes a great, stomping cover version of the Housemartins' smash hit Happy Hour and a brilliant horror movie foray entitled Fright Night . Other highlights are Surfin' For A Blonde, Who's Cryin' Now?, Stop- Jump About and Spasms.

Better Late Than Never! (2012)

Oh my god, Reggie Rabbit is back and so are THE GRISWALDS. Settled with a regenerated, tulip-ed lineup, main man Gary Griswald offers yet another creation of deadpan humour, stomping sounds and rockin' mayhem about a mere millennium after he and his family were originally 'exploited by Roy Griswald'. This eleven-track record attacks the nerves of your ear with catchy song-writing, clear guitaring and a tight and fat rhythm section. If you like Who Framed The Griswalds, you will love this one, Better Late Than Never! Highlights include  Fright Night 2, My Struggle, Zombie War, Sucubus and Bustin' My Balls Boogie.