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  • The Gallery includes photos and flyers from several occasions. We decided to file them by occasions and attached them in chronological order.
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  • Very special thanx to the German Rockabilly, Psychobilly forum 'Rockin' Wildcat  and the forum of Speed Freaks Ball and all the people who keep these forums and the genre alive.


  • Very special thanx to Clive. I still owe you a beer! Thanx to Jeroen Haamers of  BATMOBILE fame,  Andreas, Rich from SHAKEOUT and MOJOKINGS respectively, Paul Roman, brain of THE QUAKES, Frank John and his wonderful collection of photos from the heyday of Psychobilly. A big MUH to Michael Capone, cheers to LongTallGazzer, Humph, Bracko, Frank Born, Dave Nash, Michael aka MMK, Bernd and Majo. A very special thanks to Jurgen Horemans, merci beaucoup a Popo, big cheers to Franco, Loz, Brando , Francisco "Franky" Valle , Psycho Johnny Red and Simon Crowfoot ! Last but not least a big thanks and a hug to Chris (LB)!!!

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Early Frenzy


The photos above were shot at the first FRENZY gig ever. They showcase Steve Whitehouse (twice), Simon Brand and Merv Pepler on drums.

The Kernals and Cultic Heads

The first three pictures capture Simon Crowfoot with his first band, THE KERNALS in 1983. The last picture here are THE CULTIC HEADS at a gig in Gloucester about a year later.

Demented Are Go!



The three pictures shown above were taken at two different gigs and feature Simon Crowfoot with DEMENTED ARE GO onstage in 1986 and early 1988.

Promo Pictures

The first two promo photos are dated back to November 1985. The photos show Simon Brand, Kevin Haynes and the original bass player Sean Holder, who was sacked after the second Torment gig. 

This is a promo picture from 1986. Left to right: Simon Crowfoot, Simon Brand, Kevin Haynes.

Same as above, this time used as a flyer for Nervous Records.


Torment @ The Klub Foot


TORMENT on stage, date unknown.  

TORMENT downstairs at Broadway. 

Simon Brand onstage, May 1986.


TORMENT & DEMENTED ARE GO! backstage at The Klub Foot 1986.

Another snap shot from the Klub Foot, summer 1986.

Simon Brand in action at the Klub Foot 1986. 

Simon Brand at the Klub Foot, March the 7th 1987.



Simon & Simon at the Klub Foot, date unknown.


Another three Simon Crowfoot picures shot at the Klub Foot, date unknown.



Torment Onstage (other gigs)


These  three photos were taken at the Markthalle, Hamburg (Germany) at the 3rd International Psycho Festival. This was their first gig outside the United Kingdom. 

The two photos above were taken at the 1st Psycho-Weekend in Dendermonde, Belgium on April 1987.

Simon Crowfoot slapping the double bass at the  Charfield Tavern.

BATMOBILE and TORMENT sharing stage in 1987, Bad Salzuflen. 



Simon Crowfoot. Unbelievable!

TORMENT on stage 1987.



The last four photos were taken a TORMENT gig 1987,1988-ish. The supporting act was SKITZO.


The two pictures above capture Simon Crowfoot at work, date unknown. 


The pictures above show flyer and TORMENT onstage at the 3rd Belgium Wreckin Festival.


The last three pics show flyer and Simon Brand onstage at the 4th and last Belgium Wreckin' Festival.

Simon Brand onstage in Osnabruck, May 1991.


The last three photos were shot at a charity gig for some local lad, who had cancer, at the world famous Fry's  Chocolate F. With no exact date offer, I would file them early 1991.

The last three photos were taken at Hemsby 1991. The lineup was Simon Brand, Kevin Haynes and new bass player Vince Mildren


Simon Brand & Kevin Haynes onstage, date unknown.

Kevin Haynes, date unknown.


Flyers & Posters

Flyer for TORMENT's second gig ever held at The Upstairs Club in Bristol on the 24thDecember1985. One of the other two bands on the bill were THE COFFIN NAILS.

First TORMENT gig outside the United Kingdom. Other bands at the mini festival were BATMOBILE and THE PHARAOHS.

Back Stage Pass from The Klub Foot.

This is a flyer from The Psyclops Tour in Germany, spring 1987. 



These pictures show a flyer and a ticket respectively from the 4th Belgium Psycho- Festival, held in Aalst 1989. TORMENT and BATMOBILE were the headliners for Saturday.

Poster from the first ever Hemsby Psychobilly weekender


TORMENT in Germany, April 19 

TORMENT in Germany 1992.

Other Stuff

Simon Brand at rehearsal.

Kevin Haynes at rehearsal.

Simon Crowfoot at rehearsal.

Torment on the road in 1992: Kevin Haynes, Simon Brand and new recruited bass player Vince Mildren.




Written reply from Simon Brand to Jurgen from Belgium, who requested lyrics and chords for Mystery Man.

Autographed Items




Guitar Plate


Fan Cam

Kevin Haynes & Clive, early 1986.

Dendermonde 1987

Demolition Dennis onstage with TORMENT, date unknown.






Hemsby 1991








Torment touring Germany for the first time in 1987.

" Franky " Valle and Kevin Haynes, 1992




Bristol Evening Post, 12.04.1986. 


Zorch News 



Steve Whitehouse' obituary for Simon Brand, issued in 'Southern & Rocking' fanzine.