This two track single release went on to become one of Big Beat´s best selling 45 rpm vinyl and even reached the Top 100 of the UK Pop Chart in 1983.  Munsters Theme was originally planned and recorded for an instrumental compilation album, that never saw the light of day. The 7´´ was also available with a different sleeve design and the Munsters Theme as the A-side. Tracklist: Monday--Munsters Theme.  

Moving Staircases(1983)

Simply essential. This is the only long-playing record from Nigel Lewis/ Mark Robertson's  second musical partnership, distributed on 12´´ vinyl by Big Beat. After their split with the original Meteors, the twosome continued their work for a more Garage sound feeling outfit. No slap basses, few traditional Rockabilly, but great, powerful Rock`n´Roll with decent Punk influences. The album was unavailable for more than two decades before it was finally re-released on CD format in November 2006.Highlights: The Day The Sun Burnt Down, Flanders Field, Cut Up, Eskimo Rock, Dog Eats Robot and Survivalists.

Live At Le Havre 1983 (2007)

Long rumoured to be in existence, these live tapings are eventually available to the record buying public nearly 25 years after its original recordings. The album is loaded with all fan favourites of one of the most thrilling and interesting  bands, that ever emerged under the Garage / Trash label. Nigel Lewis and mates on top form, sixteen wild rockin´ tracks, that´s simply exciting. Highlights: Get Offa My Cloud, Flanders Fields, Something's Missing, Get Me To The World On Time and The Day The Sun Burned Down.