Tales From The Underworld (2011)

After reanimating THE EPILEPTIC HILLBILLYS -a footnote in the early story of The Radiacs- in 2010, the Oxley bros didn't waste any time to come up with their excellent Tales From The Underworld, released on Alan Wilson's Western Star label. The Sheffield-based three-piece laid down eight wild rockin' originals and scattered four odd cover versions just to make them completely their own. Decent twangy guitar, a healthy rhythm section and non-stop rockin' vibes create a fantastic brew of wild stomping Rockabilly, Hillbilly and Garage with traditional horror movie lyrics in the main. Exactly! That's what was started to be called Psychobilly some three decades ago. With absolutely no weak track on the album, it's hard to pick any highlight but I would like to suggest Stranglehold, Frozen, Underworld and Hillbilly Stomp and their top-notch covers of I Hate You and All Black & Hairy for a first listen.

Insanity (2012)


Continuing the well-received , successful story that were their Tales From The Underworld are the Oxley threesome with a shot at Insanity in 2012. The family biz keeps rollin' with a driving force that combines catchy song-writing, insane twangy guitar playing, a tight wall of bangs and slaps and sheer excitement to create this terrific sound, that can only be described as genuine Psychobilly. Tracks like I'm A Hillbilly, Final Dream, Gonna Find Away, Gonna Count The Days You're Gone and Strange just to name but a few showcase what the Sheffield-based three-piece is all about and all get straight A's in Psycho rockin' music!