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(added September 2013)



 by John McVicker


How old were you when you started drumming?

I believe with I have 8 or 19 years old. A long time a go, but we don't have drums. Is a different age, in Brazil in this days all is very very hard, and the musical instruments are so expansive. This way we play drums only in the rehearsal rooms for a long time. when I bought my first drum kit I've had over 26 years I think. I do not remember for sure.

How did you hear about Psychobilly?

In the years '80 and '90 when we heard The Cramps and The Meteors, but did not have much closer to the style. Over the years, some friends came to introduce us started bands classic era of the Klub Foot, and since then the disks are part of our discography.


What were the first Psychobilly CDs or vinyl  you got?

The Meteors 'Stampede'.


What was you fist ever band. Did they release anything?

I began with a lot of young kids in my age, making small bands with our friends of school. I don't remember exactly the name (or the names) because we change a lot.  haha haha, but we don't record nothing. My first time in Studio was in 1997, helping the band of a friend to record a demo tape.


How did you get to join Sick Sick Sinners and were you a fan of Os Catalepticos?

Yes, I was a great admirer of Os Catalepticos. The band was amazing, still is. The discs are essential for anyone who wants to understand the changes that occurred within the Psychobilly scene. I believe Os Catalépticos redefined the style of his time, opening up new possibilities. I joined the Sick Sick Sinners after the last tour who made in USA, in 2009 I think. They returned, and Magrão (former drummer) left the band. As we're very good friends, they invited me and we're playing together.


How may releases have the Sinners had and how many times have they played in Europe?

The Sick Sick Sinners have 2 albums. Road of Sin (2009) and Hospital Hell (2011). We're currently working on the songs of the new album due out in early 2014, but before we will release a 7 "with 2 or 3 new songs. The band went to Europe two times I think. Once with the former drummer and me.


How and when did  the Mullet Monster Mafia form?

We formed in 2009.


Why and when did you start Orleone Records?

At the same time as I strted the Mullet Monster Mafia, so in 2009 too. We released some albums of MMM, Hillbilly Rawhide and help some friends too.


What's been your favourite country to play in? Any funny stories to tell about?

Ufff... Have a lot of good countries to play, always change all the time, and the better shows have a lot of friends (old ones and new). But is great to play in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, etc, etc, etc... I never went to the USA or Mexico, but I hear a lot of good stories about the shows in North America.


What does the future hold  for you ,your bands and label?

I don't know exactly. I think the plan is to continue having fun with my friends, making good music, good shows and drinking different beers ... haha haha ... The record label has become something nice with the entry of some friends, making the junction with the Funeral Records and Loveless Beat Records (USA). Now we have a new name, Zombies Union Records/Booking and we have Sick Sick Sinners, As Diabatz, Krappulas, Mullet Monster Mafia and  CWBillys in our cast.