The Caravans

Easy Money (VHS)

This footage hosts a typical, solid live gig from THE CARAVANS, filmed at the first " Night Of The Long Knives " at the Hummingbird Club in Birmingham in July 1988. The exciting performance, backed by the accented use of two guitars and Mark Pennington's skills with the double bass, includes nine tracks, many of the band's earliest fan favourites. This is simply furious, wild uptempo Neorockabilly performed by one of its best outfits. Easy Money has not been re-released on DVD format up to this day. Highlights: That's Where You Were Wrong, Gipsy Girl, More Whiskey and Easy Money.


Demented Are Go

Call Of The Wired (VHS)

This video release captures another spectacular performance from one of the most exciting bands and live performers of the Psycho-rockin' underground. The gig of the masked men, that includes Graeme Grant on slap bass and Lex Luther on guitar to back up Mark Phillips and Ant Thomas, was filmed at  the Princess Charlotte in Leicester in March 1994. Amongst the highlights included on the fifty minutes offering are live favourites House Of Blood and Brand New Corpse as well as Psychobilly anthems Holy Hack Jack and PVC Chair. Other highlights are One Sharp Knife and Surf Ride To Oblivion. Call Of The Wired was re-released on DVD format together with their debut video Sick Sick Sick on Cherry Red Records in 2003.

Sick Sick Sick (VHS)

This is a real spectacular DEMENTED ARE GO! live show , filmed by the famous Jettisoundz crew at the infamous Klub Foot in 1987. The set contains all their early classics and features the In Sickness & In Health lineup, including brilliant Dick Thomas on guitar, Ray Thompson on the doghouse bass, all on top of their form. This is without doubt one of the most impressive Psychobilly footage from the heyday of Psychobilly. The audio stream of the set is also available as audio 12'' vinyl on Sick Sick Sick compilation album. Among the highlights are handful of Psychobilly anthems like Pervy In The Park or PVC Chair. Other highlights are Rubber Buccaneer, Holy Hack Jack and Transvestite Blues, that is listed as Midnight Blues on the sleeve of both, video cassette and DVD releases.


The Frantic Flintstones

The Frantic Flintstones Story (DVD)


The Frantic Flintstones Story is a very interesting DVD from one of the genre's most prolific outfits. The 5'' was out on Cherry Red in 2006 and not only contains two very early live shows of the FRANTIC FLINTSTONES, filmed at Dingwalls (1987) and Nuremberg (1990) respectively, but also a short documentary film about Chuck Harvey and the band entitled " Too Sweet To Die". The seven-track Live At Dingwalls  is a gig featuring one of the band's earliest lineups with electric bass while the Nuremberg set was filmed during their Germany Tour in 1990 when Chuck and mates were already one of the genre's most popular outfits. The documentary captures a well-done interview with front man Chuck Harvey with additional samples of live footage. Highlights: Ragin' Sea, Monte Carlo Or Bust, Alley Cat King, Alcohol Buzz , Please Cool Baby and Necro Blues.


Guana Batz

Still Sweatin´ (VHS)

This is the first video offering from arguably one of the most popular Psychobilly acts of all-time. The video cassette covers two different early live shows of the BATZ. The gigs were filmed at the Nottingham Palais (1984) and at London's Klub Foot (1986) respectively. The Nottingham gig features the GUANA BATZ with Mick White on electric bass and „Ricochet“ Ginger Meadham as replacement for the arm-broken Diddle Turner on drums. The Klub Foot performance captures the Held Down... At Last lineup, including Sam Sardi on the double bass. The Jettisoundz classic offers fifteen tracks from one of the genre's most-loved crowd pleasers. Highlights: King Rat, Shake Your Money Maker, Cannibal Run and Guana Rock.

!Live Over London! / "Still Sweatin' After All These Years" (DVD)

This DVD contains the complete footage from the two classic Guana Batz video tapes. Live Over London was filmed over two days at the Klub Foot in March 1987 and the eleven-track affair features many of the band's original classics as well as some excellent cover versions. Still Sweatin'... was recorded at the Klub Foot in 1986 and at the Nottingham Palais back in 1984. The DVD also includes seven previously unreleased tracks, that didn't make it on the original VHS offering. Anyway you cannot fail having one of the most influential Psychobilly bands performing thirty-three live stompers at their peak, all released on hi-quality DVD format. Highlights: Loan Shark, King Rat, Night Watch You´re My Baby and Guana Rock.



King Kurt

Zulu Land (VHS)

Real spectacular sixty minute set from one of the most exciting rocking bands that has ever wrecked the face of earth. The gig starts with one of the band's typical on-stage drinking game (volunteer needed!) before finally crossing over into their furious classic Rockin' Kurt. The show was filmed in 1983 and includes the Ooh WallahWallah lineup, sweating bodies, ridiculous quiffs and sheer rockin' power . The original VHS video affair; that captures perfectly the wild rockin' mayhem of one of the most entertaining outfits, was re-released on DVD format by Cherry Red Records in 2006. Pure excitement! The best of the best are Destination Zululand, Wreck-A-Party-Rock, Horatio, Gather Your Limbs and Hound dog.


The Krewmen

Legend Of The Krewmen (DVD)

This is the first ever DVD offering that features THE KREWMEN, another well-loved U.K. act from the first decade of Psychobilly. The 5'' disc includes a sixteen-track live performance at the Billy's club from 1989, which was originally out on VHS tape plus the five video clips, that were originally out  to promote their Plague Of The Dead album. At the time of the production, the band's original Psychobilly lineup had been long gone , with Tony McMillan as the only hangover now joined by Phil Oxley and Piper on drums and slap bass respectively. Highlights: Jungle Rock, Bar Room Fantasy, Nightshift Blues, Swamp Club Ball and Do You Wanna Touch.


Plague Of The Dead (VHS)

This is a five track VHS video tape from the Krewmen, originally released to promote the band in the U.S.A.. All tracks were filmed are sort of video clips, but aren't quite impressive and even Tin Tin, wearing sexy underwear, lashing on the guys doesn't make it any better . The tape includes the two cover versions of Steppin' Stone and Do You Wanna Touch plus three more songs from Plague of The Dead era. Highlights: Legend Of The Piper and Do You Wanna Touch.



The Long Tall Texans


Blood Sweat & Beers / Wanted Alive (DVD)

The DVD includes two outstanding sets, that were originally out on VHS video format, from one of the scene's best-loved crowd pleasers. Blood Sweat & Beers  captures the Texans' performance at the Night of The Long Knives alldayer, held in Birmingham in 1988 and includes ten firm favourites from that era. The second part of the DVD, Wanted Alive, contains sixteen tracks, a gig at the Billy’s Club, Stoke On Trent, filmed in 1992. The footage gives you a great idea about one of the best live acts, spreading the word of psychotic Rockabilly. Highlights: Off My Mind, Get Back Wet Back, Right First Time, Indians, Should I Stay Or Should I Go, Long Tall Texan and Breakaway.



The Meteors

Curtain Hell Raiser (DVD)

This is arguably one of the most professional DVD releases, featuring Psychobilly footage, that has seen the light of day so far. The twenty-eight-track offering includes cool menu navigation, many of their anthems, exclusive interview footage and more bonus material. There's just one hitch. The gig, filmed at Hobbits Niteclub, Weston Super Mare - 2004 doesn't capture- for whatever reasons- THE METEORS power and electricity well. Highlights: Maniac, I Don't Worry About It, The Crazed and The Hills Have Eyes.

Graveyard Stomp (DVD)

This is the oldest  Psychobilly footage available up to this day. Long rumoured to be in existence , the gig performed at The Gallery in Manchester, dated back prior to the release of  Wreckin' Crew  album, the video was tracked down and official released by Raucous Records in 2003. The Meteors live performance includes fourteen songs and the DVD is rounded off with the original promo video for Graveyard Stomp. This is a real essential recording from the early days of Psychobilly and quintessential for everybody who's interested in Psychobilly footage. There's just a small snag and that is that the running time is too short for today's standard of a DVD release. With a little more extras, this DVD would have scored full points. Highlights: When A Stranger Calls, Psycho For Your Love, Get Off My Cloud and Graveyard Stomp.

Live At The Hellfire Club (VHS)

This video tape was originally recorded on December, the twenty-first 1983. Live At The Hellfire Club  features many of THE METEORS' early classic originals and well-known furious cover versions. The trio laid down an enthusiastic set of no-nonsense Psychobilly which is well-captured by the camera. The video is also available on DVD together with their neither less spectacular Video Nasty, including four more songs from this set. Highlights: Graveyard Stomp, Blue Sunshine, I Don´t Worry About It, When a Stranger Calls and Mutant Rock

Video Nasty (VHS)

This video recording consists of two official promo video clips, the band's performance from the "Night of the Long Knives“ alldayer in 1988 and four tracks recorded live at The Klub Foot, dating back to July 1987. The VHS tape includes brilliant and essential footage from the undisputed Kings Of Psychobilly. The original video tape was re-released together with their  Live At The Hellfire Club performance from 1983 on DVD format. This is another must-have for everybody interested in THE METEORS and in the history of Psychobilly. Highlights: Get Off My Cloud, Psycho For Your Love, Blue Sunshine, Wrecking Crew and the promo video clip to support their Rawhide Anagram single release.


The Quakes

The Quakes (VHS)

This is THE QUAKES appearance at the Night Of the Long Knives Psychobilly festival at Birmingham's Hummingbird venue in 1988. The band has just started their mission to infect  Europe with its brand of U.S. Psychobilly and the VHS video features the lineup from their self-titled debut album. This is some furious, wild-rockin' and raw Psychobilly music, all backed by a solid stage performance. The ten-track affair is also available on the Psycho Mania compilation DVD, released by Cherry Red in 2006. Highlights: Pack Our Bags And Go, Psychobilly Jeckyl And Mr Hyde, I´m Evil and Fishnet Stockings.



Goin' Skitzo (VHS)

This is a video tape from Jettisoundz Productions and covers another quite popular Psychobilly act from the second half of the 1980's, filmed live at the Klub Foot. The tape includes a thirty minute footage of no-nonsense Psychobilly from the London-based quartet . Three of the songs made it on the Sick Sick Sick compilation live album. Highlights: Shipwreck Island, I'm Goin' Skitzo and Witching Hour.



Come On Kid ! (VHS)

This VHS cassette includes the STING-RAYS performance at the " Nothin' But Trash" alldayer at the Nottingham Palais in 1984. The video tape features twelve tracks and is also available with a different sleeve design. The set hosts many fan favourites and captures well the RAYS' idea of Rock'n'Roll mayhem and their on-stage enigma. The set, which is also available on the 10'' vinyl Live & Raw, out on Raucous Records in 1994, has been denied a re-release on DVD format up to this day. Highlights: Math Of Trend, Come On Kid, Joe Strummer's Wallet and Escalator.



Various Artists 

Live At The Charlotte (VHS)

This is the best of video from another alldayer of Rock'n'Roll mayhem, that took place Live At The Charlotte in 1993. It features a number of significant Psychobilly acts from the early 1990's like The Hangmen, Radium Cats and The Deltas. This video, which contains nineteen tracks from seven bands, is also one part of the Psycho Attack DVD, that also includes The Night Of The Long Knives footage. Highlights: Hangmen- Down The Line, Thee Waltons- Devil In Disguise, Radium Cats- Big Blon' Baby - Pink Hearse and The Deltas- Boogie Disease - Long Black Train.


Night Of The Long Knives (VHS)

This video was taken from during the Night Of The Long Knives festival, that took place at Birmingham's Hummingbird club in 1988. The footage features an awesome kaleidoscope of some of the most popular acts emerging from the 1980's rockin' underground. Headlined by the Psychobilly creators The Meteors, who are included with three songs, the tape offers top-notch outfits like The Long Tall Texans, Frantic Flintstones, Skitzo and The Quakes to name a few. Many sets of this weekender are available in full  length these days, like Skitzo, Boz & The Bozmen or The Quakes. Highlights: Klingonz- Werewolf Boogie, Griswalds- Happy Hour, Quakes- Psychobilly Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde, Long Tall Texans-Get Back Wet Back and The Meteors- Blue Sunshine.


Psycho Cats / The Best Of Blood On The Cats (DVD)

This DVD brings together a mix of rare promo videos and live clips from Psychobilly headliners like The Meteors, Guana Batz, King Kurt and the Sharks, Garage goodies as well as many other genre-related psychotic Rock'n'Roll outfits like the Gun Club or Screaming Lord Sutch. The Cherry Red release includes 31 tracks, originally recorded between 1983 and 2002, covering nearly 20 years of rockin' wildness-, based on the popular Blood On The Cats series. Simply essential. The Best of the best are Sharks- Short Shark Shock, Guana Batz- King Rat-Nightwatch, Demented Are Go- Cast Iron Arm, Way Out West- Way Out West, Meteors- Graveyard Stomp-Who Do You Love, King Kurt- Wreck A Party Rock and Macavity's Cat- I'd Rather Go To Hell.

Psycho Cats / Revenge Of The Psycho Cats (DVD)

Four years after the successful release of Psycho Cats, the follow-up offering from Cherry Red also comes along with a solid mix of promo videos and live stuff from a bunch of Psychobilly and genre related outfits. Featuring  30 clips from all-time greats The Meteors, Demented Are Go, Guana Batz, Sharks, Frenzy and King Kurt to name a few and other Psychobilly related bands makes the DVD a solid investment. On the minus side are some (poorly) synchronized live clips and a lot of streams that we have all seen before. Plus factors are some previously unreleased stuff from Highliners- Henry The Wasp, Frantic Flintstones- Ally Cat King , The Pharaohs- You´re On Your Own or the Surf Rats with Freddie's Fingers, the solid running time of the 5'', as well as another gorgeous cover design.. Other highlights are The Meteors- Go Buddy Go, Long Tall Texans- Mad About You, Radium Cats- Pink Hearse, King Kurt- Zulu Beat and Restless- Ice Cold.


Psycho-Mania (DVD)

This footage features three of the most popular Psychobilly acts from the bottom half of the eighties, all shot live at the Night Of The Long Knives alldayer in 1988. The Klingonz- swaddled and painted- kick off the Cherry Red 5'' with an eight track performance, that includes some of their early classics. Next are The Quakes- represented in their debut album lineup- laid down a furious and wild ten-track set with many of their early live favourites with along with some well-chosen cover versions. Last but not least the DVD includes a no-nonsense, thirteen-track performance from London-based Skitzo, who has been just released their second successful album at the time. The Quakes and the Skitzo performances respectively have been already released on VHS tapes in the late 1980's. Highlights: Klingonz-Werewolf Boogie-Oompa Loompa, The Quakes- Pack Our Bags And Go- Psychobilly Jeckyll And Mr Hyde- Fishnet Stockings, Skitzo- Witching Hour, Psycho Ward and Skitzo Mania.  


Psychobilly- Behind The Music (DVD)

This is a very entertaining documentary featuring some of  the scene's VIPs like Alan Wilson (Western Star, Sharks), Meteors co-founder Nigel Lewis, Chuck Harvey (Frantic Flintstones), Mark Harman (Restless), Roy Williams (Nervous Records )and many more talking about the origins of Psychobilly  music,  narrating funny backstage stories and  stuff like that. The Cherry Red offering from 2006 also includes some previously unreleased promo videos and live footage from outfits like Frenzy, Sharks or the Coffin Nails.



Restless- Baby Please Don't Go / Frenzy-Just Passing Thru... (DVD)

This exciting double feature bears witness to two of the scene's pioneering outfits at the peak of their existence. The Cherry Red release from 2004 includes on-stage performances from RESTLESS and FRENZY respectively filmed in 1987, both originally out on VHS tapes. The RESTLESS gig took place at Lancaster's Sugarhouse and the set also contains their single releases Edge On You and Vanish Without A Trace. The second part of the DVD comprises of the FRENZY performance at Birmingham's Barrel Organ, their promo for the Clockwork Toy single  and  an interview. Highlights: Restless- 16 Tons-Bottle On The Beach-Long Black Shiny Car, Frenzy-I See Red-Clockwork Toy-Cry Or Die.

Stomping At The Klub Foot (DVD)

This Cherry Red offering is the ultimate in footage about Psychobilly's legendary venue. Originally released on VHS as three different volumes,  this DVD combines the footage altogether for the first time. The 2004 release includes material from five different gigs filmed by the Jettisoundz crew through the years 1986 and 1987 and features fifteen different bands, including some of the most popular acts from the heyday of Psychobilly. The 5'' not only brings back the inimitability of London's Klub Foot but also captures perfectly the diverseness and musical variation of the Psychobilly theme with its selection of bands and songs . Highlights: Wigsville Spliffs-I Got A Feeling - Al Capone, Torment- Rockjet - Uncle Sam, Coffin Nails-Psycho Disease- Uncle Willie, Rochee & The Sarnos- Defrocked Priest- Eat My Teeth, Batmobile - Cold Sweat- Zombie Riot , Demented Are Go!- PVC Chair , Guana Batz- King Rat- My Way and the Long Tall Texans- Who´s Sorry Now.